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Construction Inquiries

49th Avenue

Construction for rehabilitating 49th Avenue from highway 779 Intersection to Golf Course Road intersection was completed in late spring of 2021. The road was rehabilitated using Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), a process that mixes the existing road with new oil before being capped with new asphalt.

Central Trunk Rehab (existing sanitary line)

The Town’s central trunk sanitary sewer catchment area services primarily the oldest part of Stony Plain which is presumably sensitive to I&I (Inflow and Infiltration). The Central Trunk catchment area overloads the sewer system pipe capacity due to I&I in severe wet weather events. To alleviate the risk of overland and basement flooding; the Town will endeavor to add further capacity into the pipe which will mitigate the flooding risks during large storm water events. We are currently undertaking pre design to evaluate our options before moving forward. 

2022: Design and Tender

2023: Construction

Downtown Redevelopment

Stony Plain's downtown is the core of the Town, where residents and visitors can shop, live, work, and play.

The Downtown Redevelopment project primarily focused on the replacement of aging infrastructure in our downtown core. The upgrade enhanced our historic downtown for residents, businesses, and visitors.

The following aspects were included in the project:

  • Full replacement of infrastructure including water, sanitary and storm pipes.
  • Bulb-outs at intersections to lessen pedestrian crossing distances. 
  • Stamped and coloured asphalt crossings.
  • Drop down curb ramps incorporated at crossings and handicap parking stalls to support wheelchair accessibility and promote universal accessibility.
  • Wide sidewalks with coloured and sandblasted concrete patterns. 
  • Furniture Zones including: trees in tree grates; lit bollards; light poles with hanging baskets and banners; concrete planters; seating; traffic and wayfinding signage; garbage receptacles; and bicycle racks.
  • Soil cells for tree sustainability.
  • LED light bulbs for all proposed street lights and bollards.
  • A roundabout at 50th Street and 51st Ave 
  • Downtown entrance pillar signage at both the North and South entrances. 

Phase I

Phase I was completed in 2017 behind businesses on 50 Street including:

  • One-way lanes and new multipurpose trails
  • Paved line markings and overhead lighting

2017 Updates 

Phase II

In 2018, 54 Avenue to just south of the 52 Avenue intersection, was completed including:

  • Full replacement of infrastructure including water, sanitary and storm pipes
  • Stamped concrete sidewalks
  • Bulb-outs at intersections
  • New lighting
  • Lit bollards

2018 Updates

Phase III

In 2019, Downtown Redevelopment Phase III continued the work on replacement of aging infrastructure and enhancement of our downtown core involving the section of Main (50) Street between 52 and 51 Avenues. View the fly through video of the project.


2019 Updates 

Phase IV

The final phase of Downtown Redevelopment completed the roundabout at 50 Street and 51 Avenue in 2020. Work to complete underground infrastructure replacement on Main Street is currently ongoing for the 2021 construction season.

The 2021 construction schedule was impacted by line relocation work which occurred in early June as announced by ATCO. This announcement combined with frost conditions in the soil during the 2020 construction season has resulted in adjustments to the 2021 construction schedule.

Currently, the final phase of Downtown Redevelopment is on schedule. Storm main work has been completed, underground work continues, and electrical is nearing completion. All four corners of the concrete sidewalks at the 50th Street and 50th Avenue intersection have been poured and work on the bulb-outs is also underway.

No parking signs are in place at the temporary turnaround to ensure drivers can safely use the turnaround. All drivers are asked to adhere to the signage in place.

At this time, the anticipated completion date for Downtown Redevelopment is late October of 2021.

View the 2021 Construction Notice and subscribe to this page for updates.

2020 Updates 2021 Updates

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Golf Course Road

Rehabilitation construction is underway from the Fairways and Brightbank intersection to Highway 628. The road will be rehabilitated using Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), a process that mixes the existing road with new oil before being capped with new asphalt. Please be advised traffic is reduced to one lane with alternating directions to accommodate construction. The project is expected to be completed in mid-August (weather dependant). 

Oatway Drive and Brightbank Avenue

The Town will be reconstructing a section of asphalt trail as well as improving drainage in the area to accommodate for a new art installation. For more information on the public art, please refer to the public art page.

Provincial Highways

The Alberta government is resurfacing of highways 628 and 779 this construction season. Visit Alberta Transportation for more information.


Alberta Transportation has committed to a two-year rehabilitation of Highway 779/48 Street.

The project includes:

Construction Year 1 (2018)

  • Completed the grade widening between 79 Ave and the southern Town limits, between Willow Park Road North and 57 Ave West and between 49 Ave and 47 Ave.
  • Construction of the storm water sewer from south of 55 Ave to Willow Park Road North
  • Constructed the storm water pond north of Willow Park Road North.
  • Constructed the multi-use trail along the west side of 48 Street, from Genesis Lake Blvd to 79 Ave
  • Installed streetlights along both sides of 48 Street from 79 Ave to the southern Town limits.
  • Installed traffic signals at 49 Ave, 52 Ave, 55 Ave, 57 Ave West, Willow Park Road and 79 Ave 

Construction Year 2 (2019)

  • Completed the storm water sewer from Willow Park Road North to 79 Ave
  • Replaced the bridge size culvert from the storm water pond, across 48 street and under the St. John Paul II school parking lot to the drainage channel.
  • Completed the grade widening along 79 Ave
  • Constructed the multi-use trail along the east side of 48 Street from 79 Ave to 57 Ave West.
  • Constructed the curb and gutter along 48 Street from 79 Ave to 57 Ave
  • Completed the installation of the streetlights along the east side of 48 Street from 57 Ave to 49 Ave 

Construction Year 3 (2020)

  • Completed the grade widening along the west side of 48 Street from 57 Ave West to 49 Ave and along the west leg of 49 Ave. Completed the installation of the streetlights along the west side of 48 Street from 79 Ave to 49 Ave
  • Completed the multi-use trail along the west side of 48 Street, between 57 Ave West and 55 Ave and between 53 Ave and 49 Ave.
  • Paved the back lanes on the east side of 48 Street, between 52 Ave and 56 Ave
  • Constructed the Willow Heights Road between Willow Park Road North and the St. John Paul II School
  • Constructed the new curb and gutter along the east side of 48 Street from Willow Park Road North to 55 Ave.
  • Milled and placed the first lift of asphalt on the northbound lanes from Willow Park Road North  to 55 Ave.
  • Installed a pedestrian crossing signals at Westerra Drive, 57 Ave East and 50 Ave intersections.

Construction Year 4 (2021)

  • Completion of the multi-use trail on the west side of 48 Street, between 55 Ave and 53 Ave.
  • Replacement of the curb & gutter and sidewalk along the east side of 48 Street from 55 Ave to 49 Ave.
  • Widening 49 Ave, east of 48 Street, to construct a merge lane that will allow vehicles time to merge into the through, eastbound lane or turn into the 7-11 or apartment complex parking lots.
  • Milling and repaving the northbound lanes from 55 Ave to 49 Ave.
  • Paving of the back lane on the west side of 48 Street, between 55 Ave and 53 Ave.
  • Construction of raised concrete medians between Willow Park Road North and 49 Ave.
  • Final paving of the north and southbound lanes between 47 Ave and Willow Park Road North.
  • Construction of an access from the back lane to 50 Ave on the west side of 48 Street.
  • Construction of a multi-use trail on the west side of 48 Street between 49 Ave and 47 Ave and along the north side of 79 Ave, from 48 Street to Willow Way.
  • Installation of durable roadway lines and markings.
  • Permanent signage installations.
  • Final landscaping, sodding and seeding throughout the project limits.

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Road preservation projects

The Town of Stony Plain will be mircosurfacing various roadways throughout Town. Microsurfacing is a pavement preservation treatment which includes applying asphalt emulsion, aggregate, water and cement powder to the existing roadway surface. This mixture of materials is used to preserve roadways that are currently in “good” condition. 

The list of roadways being microsurfaced are:

  • Graybriar Drive
  • Fairway Drive
  • Westerra Blvd
  • Genesis Drive
  • Silverstone Way
  • Silverstone Crescent
  • Silverstone Drive
  • West side of 54 Avenue
  • West side of 51 Avenue 

Stony Plain Central School servicing

In March 2018, the province announced the replacement of Stony Plain Central School. A construction contract was awarded by the Government of Alberta in March 2021 and work began in the spring of the same year. The new school is anticipated to be open for the fall 2022 school year.

The Town of Stony Plain was required to provide the necessary infrastructure services (road and underground) to meet the requirements of the school. The Town completed the required infrastructure services including construction of the access road as well as landscaping in late June of 2021.

2019 Updates 2020 Updates

TELUS PureFibre Build

Throughout 2021, TELUS will be working in local neighbourhoods to connect Stony Plain to the TELUS PureFibre™ network - Canada’s #1 internet technology for speed and reliability.1

About the project

telus connection graphicThe TELUS PureFibre network is made up of flexible, transparent, durable strands of glass. These fibre optic strands transmit information as pulses of light, and carry huge amounts of information in the space of seconds.

TELUS is the only major provider in Western Canada with a 100% fibre optic connection to the home1. That means a fast, always consistent connection. Other providers’ networks switch to copper cable before reaching homes, meaning their customers don’t see the benefits of a true fibre connection. Once PureFibre construction is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and video calls. 

Connecting your community to the TELUS PureFibre™ network means that you will have access to the unique opportunities that fibre optic internet brings to residents, businesses, organizations, and essential services. Once it is installed, homes and businesses have the option to connect to the fibre optic network and experience the country’s fastest internet technology.1

Location and Impacts

The majority of construction will take place on public boulevards and utility rights-of-way. In cases where some work needs to take place on private property, TELUS will send out communications to all homeowners in the construction area. In accordance with COVID-19 health restrictions, all TELUS team members and contractors will be following all safety precautions on work sites.

2021 Project

The 2021 build is anticipated to begin in late August with the first neighbourhoods ready for service by the end of September.

Spring Restoration

Part of TELUS’ overall community investment is ensuring the restoration of all property to the same condition it was in prior to construction. This can include soft surface restoration such as leveling with new topsoil and planting grass seed. In places where hard surfaces are impacted, such as concrete or asphalt driveways, TELUS will always fill and repair an impact afterwards. Some restoration may have to wait until spring as this work is weather dependent, and will resume as soon as the ground conditions permit.


Once the TELUS PureFibre install is complete, reseeding will take place in all impacted areas. View detailed watering instructions for newly reseeded property.

General guidelines:

  • Keep the reseeded area lightly watered until the grass is established. This may include watering several times daily, being careful not to over-water as the seeds can rot.

  • Try to stay off the reseeded areas.

  • Do not cut or rake the reseeded areas until the new grass has matured. Give the grass time to grow.

FAQs  News Release

TELUS Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this project including construction, TELUS PureFibre™ details, or TELUS services, please contact Jeff Nichol, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Home Solutions Community & Channels.

Email TELUS 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding construction, please contact the CTI Escalation and Information Hotline at (780) 914-5891  

What construction is happening in my neighbourhood? 

If you are unsure whether the construction in your area is related to the TELUS PureFibre build or a Town of Stony Plain construction project, please call the Town of Stony Plain Engineering Department at 780-963-2151 ext 4222 or

Email Engineering Department TELUS PureFibre Construction Locations Map

  1. Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology, which is based on light signals. Not available in all areas. Individual results may vary depending on location, usage within the home network, Internet traffic, applicable network management or server configurations. For a description of TELUS’ network management practices please see 

Town signs

New signs have been designed, welcoming visitors to our town! More signs will appear over the next few years.The inspiration for the design concept comes from Heritage Park. Its unique attributes include the seal, font, wood posts, exposed metal brackets and bolts along with stone cladding. 

Phase I

Primary welcome signs were installed at the East and West entrance to our community on Highway 16A.

Town entrance sign

Secondary welcome signs have been installed on Secondary Highway 779 at the North and South boundary of Stony Plain as well on the East and West boundary on Secondary Highway 628. Town facility identification signs were installed at the Stony Plain Golf Course and Rotary Park.
Phase II

In 2019, facility identification signs were installed at Heritage Park, the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool & Rotary Spray Park, Public Works and Rotary Recycling Centre.

In 2020, the Rotary Park Digital Sign was installed. 

Phase III

Early in 2021, the North and South Business Park signs were replaced as well as the Fire Hall. Our downtown also welcomed entrance signs at the south end of 50 Street. 


Phase IV

2021 will see the installation of three community bulleting board in our community. The replacement boards will be up and coming for the next few years of the signage strategy. In addition to the bulletin boards, the Skate Park will receive a new facility ID sign sign.



TransMountain Pipeline

Construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project will commence in a series of phased activities along the pipeline right-of-way from September 2019 to March 2020. Visit for more information. 

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Umbach Dog Park

Reconstruction of the gravel access road has been completed and the park re-opened to the public on July 24, 2021. Visitors are asked to avoid topsoil areas for seeding. Additionally, parking at the site has changed. Angle parking is in effect along the side of the parking lot as indicated in the parking map.

View Parking Map

Construction Map

Posted On Thursday, October 14, 2021

With the trail completed, the concrete slab for the public art piece has been poured and stamped allowing for its installation on Monday, October 18. Once final landscaping has been completed, the new Community Bulletin Board will also be installed to finish the project. 


Posted On Thursday, October 14, 2021

All streetlights have been installed and are scheduled to be connected. Crews are working on benches, bike racks and waste receptacles. Bases are poured for the north entrace pillars and sandblasting continues. Please follow all signage and be mindful of crews in the area. 


Posted On Thursday, October 07, 2021

Alberta Transportation has informed the Town that primary construction on the 48 Street/Highway 779 Project is complete. Crews will be on site over the next couple of weeks working on any deficiencies and site clean up. Occasional localized lane closures will occur to accommodate the work.


Posted On Thursday, October 07, 2021

All concrete work is complete. Planters have been installed. Crews are working on benches, cladding, sandblasting and bollard installation. Parking lane closures will be in effect on the east side of Main Street on Tuesday October 19 and on the west side on Wednesday, October 20 for street light installation. Crews are expected to be done all work by the end of October. All construction is weather dependent.


Posted On Monday, October 04, 2021

The contractor for Downtown Redevelopment has requested additional partial closures from October 4-6 to facilitate the remaining work on this project. The north, south and west lanes at 50 Street and 50 Avenue will open to traffic this evening (October 4).  The east lane will remain closed overnight on October 4.
The intersection at 50 Street and 50 Avenue will be fullly closed on Tuesday, October 5 from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to allow the final concrete pour...