Sommerville Development Update Goes to Council May 25

Posted On Tuesday May 25, 2021

A Sommerville development update will be presented at tonight’s Regular Council Meeting. The update is anticipated to cover the Sommerville Residential Neighbourhood, Sommerville Springs, and Sommerville Gate developments.

The scheduled update follows a multi-year process between the Town and the landowner. The Sommerville Residential Neighbourhood development began in 2014 and ceased by 2016. In 2018, the Town completed partial remediation work on deficient servicing. In April of this year, the Town received updated drawings which are currently being reviewed by Administration. The landowner has indicated a desire to proceed with remedial work this summer to complete the servicing.

The Sommerville Springs structures were demolished as per the Safety Codes Council order in 2020. The demolition order stemmed from safety issues reported at the Sommerville Springs site in 2017. A demolition order was first issued in 2018 but was put on hold when a Stay of Order was filed by the landowner followed by a Notice of Appeal Order.

In February 2021, a revised remediation plan for Sommerville Gate was submitted by their engineering firm and has been agreed upon Administration. The landowners have indicated the desire to proceed with the remediation work and have agreed to provide site instructions and notice to the Town at least 24-hours prior to undertaking any work. To ensure servicing is available to each building, the Town has required servicing information for the private infrastructure within Sommerville Gate to be provided by the landowners, along with water flushing and testing, to ensure public safety.

“We’re working closely with the landowners to ensure all future structures are safe for occupancy. We will continue to monitor the development and carry out thorough inspections to ensure all work completed is up to code,” says Town Manager Tom Goulden.

The Regular Council Meeting will be livestreamed beginning at 5PM tonight and can be viewed on the Town of Stony Plain YouTube channel. A summary of the meeting will be published to the Town website’s Newsroom as Council Highlights tomorrow.