Regular Council Meeting Highlights for May 25, 2021

Posted On Wednesday May 26, 2021

Town Welcomes New Tourism Master Plan

Stony Plain has a new Tourism Master Plan in place. Prior to the update, the Town was guided by the 2003 Tourism Strategy. The new Tourism Master Plan provides an outline of action items that guide the next ten years of tourism development in Stony Plain.

The Tourism Master Plan will be posted to the Town website for public viewing.

Learn more about the Tourism Master Plan in the agenda package on pages 5 – 29 and pages 77 - 152.

Parental Leave for Elected Officials Finalized

The Parental Leave Bylaw was given second and third reading. The bylaw was first introduced to Council at the April 26 Council Meeting. As per the new bylaw, elected officials will receive up to 26 weeks leave at 55 percent remuneration.

The Parental Leave Bylaw will be made available to the public on the Town website.

Find more information on the Taxation Bylaw in the agenda package on pages 51 – 77.

Umbach Storm Water Facility Construction Accelerated to 2021

Council has approved a 2021 construction start date for the Umbach Storm Water Facility. The project was originally slated for 2022 in the Corporate Plan 2021 – 2023, but the urgency regarding progressing slope instability has pushed construction ahead of schedule. Slope remediation is anticipated to begin as early as September 2021.

The $12,075,000 project will be funded by debenture, a move Council will set in motion through authorizing debenture borrowing for the construction. First reading was given to the debenture bylaw last night with second and third readings to be presented to Council at the June 28 meeting.

Find more information about the Umbach Storm Water Facility in the agenda package on pages 79 – 97.

Artist Position Introduced to Cultural Roundtable

The Cultural Roundtable (CRT) is updating its Terms of Reference to include a new Artist position. The working group submitted a series of recommendations to Council during last night’s meeting, which included the addition of an Artist position, removal of the Youth Connector position due to chronic vacancy, an increase in meeting frequency, and a shift to work group arrangements.

The new Artist position will be announced in the weeks ahead with a call for applications posted to the Town’s website and social media channels.

Learn more about the Cultural Roundtable update in the agenda package on pages 189 – 203.

Council Appoints Indigenous Representative for the Cultural Roundtable

Council has appointed Parry Stelter to the Indigenous Representative position in the Cultural Roundtable (CRT). Citizen-at-Large board members are recruited each year, with vacancies carried over and posted to the Town website until spots are filled.

Learn more about the Cultural Roundtable update in the agenda package on pages 205 – 206.

Sommerville Development Update

An update on the Sommerville development was provided to Council last night. The update includes a review of the Sommerville Residential Neighbourhood Development, Sommerville Springs, and Sommerville Gate.

Find more details on the update in the official news release.

More information about the Sommerville update can be found in the agenda package on pages 208 – 218.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.