Regular Council Meeting Highlights for June 8, 2020

Posted On Tuesday June 09, 2020

Arts, Culture, and Heritage Action Plan Looks to Give Stony Plain a Cultural Boost

The Town of Stony Plain is laying the foundation for a creative path forward for the community. The Cultural Roundtable outlined plans for cultural development with the presentation of the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Action Plan during last night’s meeting. The plan builds off the 2012 Cultural Master Plan and provides goals, considerations and, potential tactics for investing in and supporting arts, culture, and heritage over the next five years.

The action plan aims at supporting cultural development in Stony Plain as not only a means to encourage a vibrant creative community, but to further diversify the local economy. The action plan is comprised of twelve goals within four overarching categories:

1)   Downtown Creative Placemaking;

2)   Community Connection;

3)   Collaborative Planning and Participation; and

4)   Town Leadership.

The Town’s Culture and Tourism department will begin implementing portions of the plan which do not require additional resources at this time. Recommendations for future cultural development will be brought forward during the Corporate Planning process for consideration.

Find the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Master Plan presentation on pages 104 – 206 in the agenda package.

Cemetery Moves Forward with Master Plan

With public survey results in hand, the Cemetery Master Plan was presented to Council during last night’s meeting. A cemetery assessment in 2016 provided the initial business case for moving forward with the Cemetery Master Plan 2019 and the announcement of cemetery development in November of 2019.

The Town hosted an open house and used an online survey to collect feedback from the community and stakeholders regarding burial services and concepts for design. In total, 173 community members participated in the online survey. In addition to community feedback, Administration is coordinating with Parkland County on a subdivision for the site with the appropriate space required to meet cemetery needs. The capital costs of the first phase of the cemetery project come in at approximately two million dollars.

With the Master Plan update, the next phase of the project will include the detailed design in 2021 followed by construction in 2022. The funding and future operations of the project will be outlined in the Corporate Plan.

Read more about the Cemetery Master Plan and find the report in the agenda package on pages 208 – 294.

Council Revisits Video Lottery Terminals in Town

Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) are under review after 20 years of prohibition. Back in 1998, the Town of Stony Plain voted to have VLTs removed with future applications for VLTs declined. In 2019, a Councillor on the Growth & Commerce Committee (G&CC) raised concerns of revenue loss for local businesses related to the absence of VLTs. Several surrounding municipalities, including Spruce Grove and Edmonton, provide VLT services for customers and the G&CC believe Stony Plain is losing revenue to neighbouring businesses that are able to operate VLTs without restrictions.

To gain an insight into business attitudes toward VLT reform, Administration administered a survey to seven local businesses which would all be able to host VLT services without needing to make changes to their existing establishments. The business survey came back with generally positive results, with one business reporting they feel VLTs would negatively impact their business and community at large.

With Council’s approval, Administration will seek further clarification regarding the Alberta Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis (AGLC) requirements for VLTs and bring a report back to Council in October 2020. Public participation opportunities will be made available to garner feedback from residents in the months ahead.

Find more information about Video Lottery Terminals in Stony Plain in the agenda package on pages 295 – 303.

Sommerville Springs Demolition on Track for End of June Completion

Council was given an update on the current status of projects underway within the Sommerville area. The update included an overview of work being done in three areas including the Summerville residential development, the Sommerville Springs demolition, and the Sommerville Gate project.

The demolition of the Sommerville Springs development is underway and on track to be completed by June 30. Demolition work will wrap up by the end of the month with the removal of building piles and site grading.

The Town has been working with the developer for the Sommerville residential development, a five-year project to date, with the developer yet to submit a complete plan to address unfinished infrastructure work. No further correspondence has been received since late 2019.

The Town and the ownership groups at Sommerville Gate have agreed on a plan which will allow work to proceed on the site. The Town has brought in external consultants to assist with the technical review of structural and geotechnical concerns with the current units. Elapsed and conditional building permits are in the process of being reopened. Moving forward, the ownership group has committed to further geotechnical testing and a submission of engineered drawings and repair details for Town approval. No completion schedule has been set for the Sommerville Gate development.

Find more information about Sommerville in the agenda package on pages 305 – 308.

Mayor's Task Force on COVID-19 - Economic Stream Concludes with Final Report

The Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19 – Economic Stream wrapped up with a final report made to Council last night. The report summarizes the activities and findings of the Task Force including measures taken to assist local business owners during COVID-19. While the Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19 – Economic Stream has been concluded, the Town will continue to monitor economic activity, engage with stakeholders, and report on the local economic impacts of COVID-19 through the Economic Development unit.

Read the Task Force’s full economic report and survey findings in the agenda package from pages 310 – 324.

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