Regular Council Meeting Highlights for September 9, 2019 Meeting

Posted On Tuesday September 10, 2019
RCMP Musical Ride Presentation
RCMP Musical Ride Presentation

RCMP Musical Ride Committee Presentation

Representatives from the RCMP Musical Ride presented Council with a framed photo as a token of their appreciation for the Town's support in the event.

The Old Town Community Plan 

The Public Hearing for the Old Town Community Plan (OTCP) took place as the final opportunity for members of the public to voice their opinions before the plan is adopted by Council. Public opinion was heavily regarded during all phases of the plan, with engagement sessions running throughout the year and residents having various opportunities to share their perspectives and concerns.

Manager of Planning and Development, Miles Dibble expresses that, “Community members have had a large role in this project, and I think everyone is excited to see how our town is going to grow and become a more integrated community while holding on to our heritage.” 

In February of last year, the OTCP entered its first phase of analysis and consultation. Now, in its fourth and final phase, the Plan is concluded with its adoption by Council after many months of development and public input. The Old Town Community Plan provides a 15-year vision for the redevelopment and invigoration of the Old Town neighbourhood and surrounding area. 

Read the final OTCP document on pages 19-150 of the agenda package. 

Financial Trend Report

Following the tradition of preparing a ten-year financial report, the Town has prepared a report using financial indicators to illustrate trends between 2009 through to 2018.

Manager of Financial Services, Sharleen Horchuk says, “The report illustrates trends in relation to other communities in the area to better understand and assess how financial trends of the Town fit within a larger scope.”

The report notes some of the following key points:

  • A steady increase in both Operating Revenue and Operating Expenses, with operating revenues remaining flat in relation to inflation;
  • The Town has experienced an overall population growth of 39% (4,826 people); and
  • Long term debt as a percent of the Total Assessment base has increased in 2018 but remains strong.

 Overall, the Town continues to be in stable financial condition. The report establishes three recommendations for the future:

  1. Building adequate reserves for funding of future capital needs;
  2. Monitoring debt limits and operational impact of debt repayments including interest; and
  3. Reviewing performance of trends as well as comparing to the performance of similar municipalities.

 The Town of Stony Plain’s Financial Trend Report can be found on pages 355-389 of the agenda package.

Advocacy Strategy Update

 Acknowledging the shifting dynamics that will follow the upcoming federal election, Council and Administration have collaborated to identify shared local objectives:

  1. Grow the Gas Tax Fund
  2. Rail Safety Improvement
  3. Coal Transition Support
  4. Make Housing Affordable for All

In relation to each objective, Council is committed to advocating for the continuation of current Gas Tax Funds, funding and supporting rail line safety improvements, supporting workers and communities in their transition to access clean energy industry opportunities, and addressing the gaps in funding to support affordable housing.

Brenda Otto, General Manager of Strategic Services says, “It is important that different levels of government work together to create and maintain healthy communities across the province. We are committed to advocating for the Town’s priorities and are hopeful that future governments will be ready to support our vision.”

Check out the 2019 Federal Election Key Priorities for the Town of Stony Plain on pages 394-400 of the agenda package.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.