Governance & Priorities Meeting Highlights for May 3, 2021

Posted On Tuesday May 04, 2021

Fiscal Sustainability Framework Phase 2 Update

Council has been provided with information on progress toward the Fiscal Sustainability Framework (FSF). The FSF was first introduced in June of 2020 wherein Council and Administration agreed to formalize 13 fiscal sustainability strategies throughout 2020 and 2021.

Currently, the project is in its second phase. Phase 2 of the FSF begins with a review of Service Levels and Asset Management strategies and how they contribute to the fiscal sustainability of the Town. The final FSF, including all strategies, will be presented to Council in September 2021.

Learn more about the Fiscal Sustainability Framework in the agenda package on pages 11 – 19.

Emergency Management Recap and Overview

A significant amount of time and work has been dedicated to responding to the local impact of COVID-19. Administration has worked closely with the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, and several agencies to respond to and prepare for both current and future concerns.

Moving forward, the Town will continue to focus on refining its resilient emergency response plan and continuing to ensure a safe community.

Learn more about Emergency Management in the agenda package on pages 20 – 25.

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