Stony Plain Council Adopts New Community Standards Bylaw

Posted On Monday December 10, 2018

During tonight’s Regular Meeting, Town of Stony Plain Council gave second and third readings to, and passed, the Community Standards Bylaw (2591/PS/18). Drafted by Administration in an effort to streamline old bylaws, the new Community Standards Bylaw encompasses five pre-existing bylaws:

  • Nuisance Bylaw (2442/G/11)
  • Vandalism Bylaw (2267/PS/06)
  • Protection of Public Spaces for Public Use Bylaw (2334/PS/08)
  • Firearm Control Bylaw (1139/PS/93)
  • Noise Control Bylaw (2220/G/05)

The Community Standards Bylaw addresses standards of property maintenance, public behavior, and noise, and outlines the powers of a Peace Officer. The new bylaw will allow Community Peace Officers and court room personnel to perform their duties more efficiently. It will also provide residents all information about community standards in one easily-referenced place. 

The bylaw can be seen in its draft form on page 716 of tonight’s meeting agenda at Read the original news release on the bylaw here: