Stony Plain Council Passes Utility Bylaw to Update 2019 Rates

Posted On Monday December 10, 2018

During tonight’s Regular Meeting, Town of Stony Plain Council gave first, second, and third readings to and passed the Utility Bylaw (2599/UTIL/18). This comes after Council’s adoption of a variable water and sewer rate approved in October. The variable rates will come into effect January 1, 2019.

The current fixed billing structure was compared to a proposed variable structure based on the May 2018 billing structure. The analysis found moving to a variable rate would result in no extra revenue for the Town. Additionally, the approximately 80% of Stony Plain users who consume 20 cubic meters of water per month will see an increase of 4.98% or less on their bill compared to last year.

The new model will help promote water conservation, and will also be more straightforward and simple to both administer and understand. A public awareness and education campaign will be rolled out in 2018 to teach water conservation tips and tricks season by season.

The Utility Bylaw (2599/UTIL/18) can be seen in its draft from on page 774 of tonight’s agenda package at Read the original news release about the upcoming water and sewer billing structure change here: