Plant a Purple Garden to Uproot Elder Abuse

Posted On Monday June 08, 2020

Do you have a flower barrel or garden area that you or your organization could dedicate to plant purple flowers? In celebration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Monday, June 15, 2020, Stony Plain Family and Support Services (FCSS) is asking community partners to host a “Elder Abuse Awareness” flower garden.

10 community partners have already signed up to host a garden and display an information sign on Elder Abuse and resources in our community to support seniors in need.

“The gardens serve multiple purposes,” states Sharida Csillag, Community Development Officer with Stony FCSS. “They will raise awareness of Elder Abuse, provide information on community resources, and demonstrate support and love for our community seniors.

Seven per cent of older adults report that they have been abused[1]. In our Tri-Region area, this translates to over 750 seniors. Sadly, the number of seniors actually experiencing abuse could be much higher.

For more information about elder abuse and what our community is doing about reducing and preventing it, check out our TriRegion Elder Abuse Coordinated Community Response brochure. In addition, consider becoming a SeniorConnector through our new online training program – TriRegion SeniorConnect. It’s free, fast and full of great information to support seniors in our community.

Elder Abuse is a complicated situation that requires wrap-around services and supports. Contact your local Family and Community Support Services office or your family doctor for support.

To get an Uproot Abuse lawn stake for your lawn, contact Stony Plain FCSS at or 780-963-8583.

[1] 1999 Statistics Canada, General Social Survey