Stony Plain Plan to Reduce Poverty 2019 Impact Report

Posted On Monday January 27, 2020

Over the last 5 years, Stony Plain has been working towards the goal of reducing poverty in our community. In 2014, our community consensus indicated that “every individual in the community should have access to a warm, safe place to sleep, and anything less should be viewed as unacceptable.”

“In 2014, most of us did not even realize that poverty existed in Stony Plain,” shares Lisa Gilchrist, Director, Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services. “Now, in 2019, not only does our community have a strategy to address poverty but we are making steps to implement actions that advance us to reaching our goal.”

This realization that poverty exists in Stony Plain and that we are all responsible for addressing this societal issue has fueled many great initiatives, partnerships and growth in our community since that time. This year, Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services gathered contributions from many community partners and initiatives to produce the Stony Plain Plan to Reduce Poverty 2019 Impact Report.

Poverty is a complex problem that affects not only the health and wellbeing of individuals but also that of our whole community. When addressing poverty, we must also address issues of inequality, discrimination, mental and physical health, systematic barriers, and much more.

This report aims to draw attention to the great actions taken on the existing Stony Plain Plan to Reduce Poverty and provide future considerations and directions to continue our community’s task of reducing poverty in Stony Plain. A task that can only be achieved through collaboration of everyone in our community.

“Only together we can build a strong, healthy, connected community where everyone has what they need – not just to live, but to thrive,” states Gilchrist.