Stay Warm, Stay Safe.

Posted On Tuesday January 14, 2020

Stay Warm. Stay Safe.

During cold snaps, the public focus on the issue of homelessness and concern for those at risk always increases – with good reason. Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and community partners recognize that the cold weather generates a need for more urgent supports and provisions to ensure the safety of our vulnerable residents. Increased sensitivity and open communications between service providers, police and community is needed during harsh weather to ensure Stony Plain remains a safe, caring and responsive community for all.

“We work with our clients making use of resources available within our community and extend into other communities such as Edmonton or St. Albert when further resources are needed,” states Lisa Gilchrist, Director of Stony Plain FCSS.

Stony Plain FCSS and community partners respond to vulnerable residents in need throughout the year in a professional, supported and case-by-case basis. Everyone’s needs are unique and require a personalized plan, support and consideration of one’s situation and readiness to accept help.

Stony Plain FCSS, in partnership with Spruce Grove FCSS, recently published a new resource listing common resources for a variety of issues - Help For Hard Times Tri-Region Support Guide.

Here is a listing of some local warm up locations available in our community:

Stony Plain Public Library

4613-52 Avenue, Stony Plain

9AM -8PM (Monday - Friday)

St. Matthew Lutheran Church

5021-52 Avenue, Stony Plain

9AM - 3PM (Monday - Thursday)

Westview Health Centre

4405 S Park Dr, Stony Plain

8pm-9am (Nightly) *Note: please register with security


For emergency services, please call 911.