Residential Snow Removal Schedule

Posted On Tuesday November 20, 2018

Residential snow removal is done at 15cm of packed snow. At 10cm of packed snow, the Operations Manager will review and has the option of doing removals earlier.

The following is the standard residential snow removal schedule:


1. High Park

2. Westerra Lakes

3. Country Plain Estates

4. Glens/Heritage Estates

5. Willow Park

6. Genesis on the Lake

7. Grayrbriar

8. Ironwood

9. Fairways

10. South Creek



1. Brookview

2. Homesteads/Stone Haven

3. Silverstone

4. Jutland Ridge/Sun Meadows

5. Meridian Heights

6. St. Andrews

7. Woodlands

8. Old Town/Folkstone Pl/Brickyard

9. Southridge/Stony Creek/Creekside Pt

10. Forest Green/Egerland Place


The above residental removal schedule does not change unless otherwise stated. Updates are posted to the home page.