A 3D-Printed Twist on a Town Tradition

Posted On Friday November 08, 2019

Christmas Ornaments are back and ready for pick up beginning November 15

The sixth annual Town of Stony Plain Christmas ornaments are hot off the printer and ready to adorn your Christmas tree. This year, the unique ornaments are the product of 3D printing done at the Stony Plain Public Library. They will be available for pick up during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at Town Office starting November 15.

In previous years, the ornaments have been created by one featured local artist and last year local students put their skills to the test and crafted the 2018 ornaments. For 2019, we are partnering with the Stony Plain Public Library to showcase the adaptability and artistic nature of 3D printing. Around the world, industries are utilizing 3D printing to create a range of products, from fridge drawers for the home to printed prosthetic limbs. Artists have also adapted the new technology to their practice and are experimenting with 3D printing to create an array of visionary delights – even edible 3D printed chocolate!

Keeping with tradition, a different medium has been chosen for this year’s ornaments. The 2019 ornaments are made of plastic and wood filament and come in two different designs: a solid ornament with a wooden appearance adorned with the Town of Stony Plain logo, and a clear design with a hollowed-out space for a candle.  

“The ornaments this year take a new spin on the relationship between art and technology. We wanted to show how 3D printing, which has been used for a lot of technical purposes such as printing out car parts and medical equipment, is also an art form and can be used to create something beautiful,” says Culture and Tourism Development Officer Chantelle Laberge. “This method is becoming more and more popular in the art world as well. There are a lot of amazing projects being done by artists and industries worldwide, so why not take part in this growing art movement ourselves?”

“Using our library’s 3D printer for the ornaments this year was really innovative, and a fun new way to make art,” says Mayor William Choy. “It is awesome to see how we can incorporate technology into Town traditions, and I am looking forward to hanging mine up on the tree!”

The first 250 people who bring in the Christmas ornament coupon, found on page 30 of the 2019 Destination Guide, will receive an ornament. Those who misplaced the Destination Guide after it was mailed out in the spring can download it at www.stonyplain.com/guide. Ornaments will be given out on a first come, first serve basis until Friday, December 13, or until there are no more available. Only one ornament per person. Bring your coupon down to Town Office and add the 2019 Christmas Ornament to your collection!