Regular Council Meeting Highlights

Posted On Tuesday February 26, 2019
Council Highlights
Council Highlights

Feb 25th Meeting

Appointment of Deputy Mayor

Councillor Bruce Lloy is now the Deputy Mayor for the Town of Stony Plain. The position of Deputy Mayor rotates among Council with each serving a four month term. The order is determined by a draw of names. Councillor Lloy was elected in 2012 to Stony Plain Council in a by-election. During his tenure on Council he has served on Council appointed boards and committees; FCSS (Chair), Pioneer Museum, Multicultural Centre, Subdivision Appeal Board (Chair), Trans Alta Tri-Leisure Centre and Growth & Commerce.

Deputy Mayor Lloy says, “He is proud to be serving the Town of Stony Plain for a third term and is looking forward to his duties as Deputy Mayor.”

Lloy’s term as Deputy Mayor runs until June 30, 2019.

To learn more about Deputy Mayor Lloy, see his biography here….

Extended Producer Responsibility

The Town of Stony Plain is officially joining other municipalities to develop a program to put pressure on producers to create products and packaging that is made with reusable and/or recyclable materials. The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program is an environmental policy intended to hold producers responsible for their products and packaging.

General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure, Ian McKay says, “The EPR will shift the financial responsibility from municipalities and taxpayers. It will provide an incentive to generate products and packaging that are readily reusable or recyclable to reduce waste and ultimately what ends up in the landfill.”

To learn more about the EPR and the Town’s role see pages 41-48 of the Feb 25th agenda package here…    

Electronic Utility Billing

The Town of Stony Plain is encouraging paperless billing in an effort to be greener, but to also save up to $70,000 a year. Currently, residents have the option to receive their utility bill by mail, email, or to view it online. Of the 6,190 households that receive utility bills, 28.7% have already voluntarily signed up for email.

Administration presented two options at Monday evening’s meeting:

1. Remain status quo with billing, however create a more active public awareness campaign to encourage residents to sign up for electronic billing. The goal is to increase electronic billing voluntarily. The public awareness would focus around social media as these users are likely the easiest to convert to electronic billing.

2. Require all residents to receive bills electronically as of January 1, 2020 and begin charging a fee for users who do not opt into the program. This would help move users to electronic billing faster as there is an incentive (less cost) to do so. The fee could be structured as either a cost recovery (revenue neutral to the Town) or punitive. According to the Town’s costs, a recovery charge would be determined based on the expenses in 2019; the cost is currently estimated at $1.06 monthly.

Council chose to implement option 1 until August 2019 at which time Administration will bring a report back to Council where option 2 or other alternatives may be considered.

To learn more about the Electronic Utility Billing see pages 50-52 of the Feb 25th agenda package here…   

2018 Fourth Quarter Report

The fourth quarterly report of 2018 has been presented to Council and accepted for information. The full report will be published shortly online and can be viewed its entirety here:

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