Recycling Changes and Educational Campaign News Release

Posted On Tuesday April 02, 2019
Don't Just Trash It!
Don't Just Trash It!

At last night’s G & P Council meeting, Council learned about changes to the Town’s recycling program and the educational communications plan. 

General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure Ian McKay says, “Changes are required due to global restrictions on recycled material. In recent years, China passed a policy to ban certain types of solid waste from being imported and set contamination limits on recyclable materials.” 

McKay goes on to say, “As a result of global market changes, municipalities across North America, including those in the capital region and beyond, are adapting to the changing market for recyclables.” 

“Stony Plain has a deep appreciation for the environment and we are committed to protecting and managing our community’s environmental impact,” says Mayor William Choy. “As part of our Strategic Plan, the Town is committed to progressing our environmental initiatives through educational programming and promotion. These global market changes are an opportunity for us to learn more about our purchasing habits and how to reduce and reuse our waste as a community.” 

As of June 3, common items such as single serve ‘to-go’ coffee cups, yogurt cups, plastic clamshells, and shredded paper will no longer be accepted in the blue bags. Material that can no longer be recycled will need to be placed in either the garbage cart or the organics cart. Blue bag accepted items will also need to be empty, clean and dry to limit the risk of contaminating other recycled materials in the bag. 

The Town is re-launching its ‘Don’t Just Trash It! campaign. Leading up to the changes, the purpose of the campaign will be to educate residents about the Town’s waste program. 

“The Town of Stony Plain is committed to educating our residents on the changes to our recycling program. The Town’s ‘Don’t Just Trash It!’ campaign from previous years has been a successful platform in diverting our community’s waste from landfills. Residents have done a fantastic job with their recycling efforts,” says Corporate Communications Officer Stephanie Barsby Boisvert.  “Building off this familiarity that residents already have with our ‘Don’t Just Trash It!’ promotion, we will be providing the community with the necessary tools and resources to aid in their waste management and recycling efforts.”  

The campaign is planned to run for a full year, and will be evaluated frequently on whether more awareness is needed. 

For more waste tips and a detailed list of what goes where, please visit and download the MyWaste App.