Road Bans

Posted On Monday March 11, 2019

The Town has set a 75 per cent axle load road ban within Stony plain effective March 18th until approximately June 1.

Restricted truck-axle weight regulations will apply to the majority of the roadways throughout the community. All residential and collector roads are restricted within the Town boundaries, with the following exceptions:

  • Golf Course Road (from Highway 16A to south Town boundary)
  • Veteran’s Boulevard (south of Highway 16A to Hwy 628)
  • Rosenthal Road (from Highway 16A to SH 628 (79 Avenue))
  • 49 Ave (between 48 Street and 50 Street)
  • North Business Park Routes

The ban is in place to prevent damage to streets, caused by overloaded trucks, and to prevent related high-costs of repairs.

The following vehicles are exempt from a road ban:

• A vehicle in respect of which the combined gross weight of all the axles of the vehicle does not exceed 5000 kilograms;
• A school bus as defined in the Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation
• A rubber tired farm tractor if it is not pulling a trailer;
• A vehicle crossing a highway
• A vehicle operated by or on behalf of the Government for the purpose of testing pavement strength;
• A vehicle transporting fresh milk and cream, or either of them, from the place where the milk or cream is produced;
• A vehicle transporting pregnant mare urine from the place where the urine is produced.

The following commercial vehicles may carry on the axles on that highway up to 90 per cent of the maximum allowable weight permitted for that single axle or axle group during the period of a Road Ban:

• A vehicle transporting:

  •  Bread,
  •  Repealed AR 30-2004 s2,
  •  Mail as defined in the Canada Post Corporation Act (Canada),
  •  Heating fuel, or
  •  fertilizer