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CN Twinning

Canadian National Railway is building sections of new track across Canada including five sections of double track along CN's mainline within Stony Plain.

2018 Updates 

Downtown Redevelopment

Stony Plain's downtown is the core of the Town, where residents and visitors can shop, live, work, and play.

The Downtown Redevelopment project, planned for completion in 2020, aims to build on the existing small-town feel in historic downtown for residents, businesses, and visitors.

Phase I

Phase I was completed in 2017 behind businesses on 50 Street including:

  • One-way lanes and new multipurpose trails
  • Paved line markings and overhead lighting

2017 Updates

Phase II

Main Street, from 54 Avenue to just south of the 52 Avenue intersection, will be CLOSED for construction from approximately June 27 to November of this year. There will still be modified pedestrian access to the area.

Downtown Redevelopment construction will involve a number of closures of the sidewalks in stages along both sides of Main Street including alley crossings. Access to businesses will be maintained during construction.

During this work, Main Street parking between 52nd and 54th Avenue (including 53 Avenue between east and west alleyways) will not be permitted.

Construction timelines are weather dependent.

2018 Updates

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Provincial Highways

The Alberta government is resurfacing of highways 628 and 779 this construction season. Visit Alberta Transportation for more information.


Alberta Transportation completed resurfacing in 2018.

2018 Updates


Alberta Transportation has committed to a two-year rehabilitation of Highway 779/48 Street.

The project includes:

Year 1- Town South Boundary Limits to 55th Ave

This portion of the project includes:

  • Grading and widening south of Hwy 628;
  • Construction of a storm water management pond on lands on the west side of Hwy 779 across from St John Paul II School;
  • Widening with raised divided concrete median from Willow Park Road (north) to 55th Ave;
  • Development of two undivided lanes with dedicated turn lanes from the Willow Park Road (north) intersection to Hwy 628.

Year 2- 55th Ave to 47th Ave

This portion of the project includes:

  • Grading and widening;
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings with possible relocations;
  • Updrading and paving of three rear alleys north of 55 Ave;
  • Landscaping;
  • Widening with raised divided concreate median from 55th Ave to 47th Ave;
  • Realigning of 52nd Ave.

2018 Updates

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Residential Projects

There are no current residential projects.

Town Signs

New signs have been installed on Highway 16A, welcoming visitors to our town! More signs will appear over the next few years.The inspiration for the design concept comes from Heritage Park. Its unique attributes include the seal, font, wood posts, exposed metal brackets and bolts along with stone cladding. 

Town entrance sign

Phase I of this project will see the installation of both secondary and tertiary welcome signs. 

Veterans Boulevard

This two-year construction project will widen and pave all of Veterans Boulevard. In 2017, the first portion of the road from Highway 16A to 44 Avenue was completed. The remainder of the road will be finished in 2018. The north end will have four lanes, and the south end will have two lanes. New walking trails will be added along the roadway.

By fully paving Veterans Boulevard, the Town is fulfilling its commitment to the ‘complete streets' philosophy. The new roadway will increase the Town's north-to-south interconnectivity, prepare the community for future developments east of Veterans Boulevard and improve access to the rest of Town.

2017 and 2018 Updates

Posted On Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Construction during the current phase of Downtown Redevelopment has wrapped up. The site is currently being cleared in preparation for baricades to be removed and the 50th Street to re-open tomorrow (Thursday, November 29). The attached map illustrates the parking that will be available when the road opens.


Posted On Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Golf Course SignRotary Park and the Stony Plain Golf Course had new signs installed today. These signs are part of Phase I of the Town's Signage Implentation Strategy.


Posted On Wednesday, November 14, 2018

All concrete work for Main Street should be complete by tomorrow evening (Nov. 15). The hording at Plains Wine, Beer, and Spirits Liquor Store should be stripped down by the end of this week. Hoarding for the remaining corners will be stripped down next Thursday (Nov. 22). The site will be secured and fully fenced off. MDM Construction has fenced off all around the new Downtown Library site and have installed barricades along 50th Street and 53rd Ave to stop vehicles from parking...

Posted On Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Town of Stony Plain has received another update on Alberta Transportation's Highway 779 construction project. 
Much of the roadwork is finished for the current construction season. The grade widening between 47 Ave and 49 Ave was completed on November 1 and Willow Park Road South was reopened last Thursday. Line painting throughout the project is complete except for 47 Ave to 49 Ave, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 15.
The contractor will...


Posted On Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The remaining stretch of Veterans Boulevard (from Fairways Drive to Highway 628) will open completely to all traffic this Saturday, Nov. 17. Streetlights will be energized Thursday (Nov. 15) or Friday (Nov 16). The road has been cleaned up and is ready for opening on Saturday. Until then, please remember it is open to local traffic only.