Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of some of Alberta's richest and most abundant agricultural lands, Stony Plain is at the heart of the agrifood sector in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region (EMR).

Our ecosystem and labour force

The following information is sourced from Statistics Canada:

  • Agrifood is a prominent sector in Stony Plain, with over 17% of business licences linked to the industry
  • 10% of businesses operate in the transportation and logistics industry
  • A high-end agrifood campus is materializing in the Stony Plain North Business Park
  • Approximately 110 residents are experienced and currently working in the agrifood sector
  • The 110 people working in the sector have studied agriculture and natural resources in their post-secondary studies




The EMR is one of the few places in the world that produces more food than we consume

Beyond that, we have:

  • Clean and abundant water, land, and air
  • A climate conducive to food production
  • Historical experience in stainable farming practices
  • Trade infrastructure
  • Proximity to major markets 

The EMR also has a developed value chain that includes everything from primary farm production to food and beverage processing, to a burgeoning culinary and tourism scene.


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