The Westview Health Centre is located in Stony Plain and serves 80,000+ in surrounding communities. Having this staple in the health and life sciences sector in Stony Plain allows us to offer all the opportunities available in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region (EMR) for much less.

Our ecosystem and labour force

The following information is sourced from Statistics Canada:

  • Life sciences and health related services are a blooming sector in Stony Plain, with over 10% of business licences linked to the industry
  • Our average age is slightly higher than the national average at 41.5, which means residents rely on above average health and wellness services
  • Over 850 residents work in the industry and 1,050 studied health and related fields in their post-secondary studies
  • 104 businesses operate in the sector




The Edmonton region is accelerating research and development and increasing productivity in life sciences

The EMR is:

  • Part of Canada's largest fully integrated health care system
  • Ranked 3rd globally in AI research 
  • Has 284 life science companies operating within its borders

Collaboration, digitalization, strong academic and industry partnerships paired with an entrepreneurial mindset have led to a boom in this sector. The region is teeming with potential strategic partners for those looking to invest.


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