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Competitive Advantages
Tri-Municipal Region Economic Development Strategy

Competitive Advantages

The Tri-Municipal Region enjoys several competitive advantages compared to peer communities, including:

  • Lower cost option including taxes
  • A business-friendly reputation
  • Good infrastructure linkages including rail, road, and telecommunications
  • Home to a young and growing population with affordable living and good quality of life


2021 PopulationBusiness Ecosystem
87,000  8,500 business establishments

Anticipated Growth

2059 PopulationAverage Annual Growth Percentage
158,743 2%

Population will shift to be older with seniors making up 21% of the population, up 8% from 2019 which was only 13%

  • Although the Tri-Municipal Region is expected to have an aging population, the portion of the population over 65 at the end of the 40 years is lower than the rest of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Anticipated Employment Growth

Current Labour Force (approx.)2029 Labour ForcePresent to 2029 Growth Percentage2059 Labour Force
35,000 38,288 8% 58,000
  • The occupations projected for the highest increase are in the retail, food services, and construction sectors
  • The fastest-growing employment sectors in the services sector include health care and social assistance, professional, scientific, technical services and finance and insurance, accommodation and food services, and transportation warehousing
  • Of the industrial sectors, transportation and warehousing and agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting exhibit the greatest potential for substantial employment growth

Tri-Municipal Economic Development Strategy