Licensing your pet

You must licence your cats and dogs every year.

How old does my pet need to be before I need a licence?

If your pet is over three months you need a licence.

How do I get a licence?

You can buy a licence and tag at Town Hall.

You can pick up your tag at Town Hall or we can mail it to you.

What documents do I need to get a licence?

You will need :

  • proof of vaccination
  • proof of neutering/spaying

You can bring these to Town Hall.

What if I don't have proof of vaccination/neutering/spaying?

You can sign a waiver form at Town Hall.

How much does it cost?

Animal Licence Fees
Animal Type

Annual Fee

After Oct 1.

Dog or Cat



Neutered/Spayed Dog or Cat



Nuisance Animal



Vicious Animal



What happens if I lose my pet tag?

You can buy a replacement tag at Town Hall for $5.00

Does my dog have to wear a licence around their neck/collar when off the property?

Yes. You must have a visible Town of Stony Plain dog tag on a harness or collar.

Be a responsible pet owner

  • Pick up after your pet
  • Use a leash
  • Treat your pet responsibly
  • Take your pet to the vet for regular check-ups

View the Responsible Pet Ownership brochure.

Christmas Ornaments in the Dog Park

As the Christmas season approaches it is nice to remember our pets but keep in mind, some Christmas ornaments are not appropriate for outdoors.  Avoid ornaments that can shatter and get stuck in paws, toxic paints that drip off when ornaments are wet, items that are sharp, tinsel and garland, or items that birds and other wildlife may mistakenly swallow.  Please, think of the wildlife and pets when choosing to leave a seasonal memento.

Lost pets

Check the Parkland County Animal Shelter Facebook page or try our online registry: