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FCSS partners with other community agencies to deliver programs efficiently in a cost effective manner and to draw on experience from shared knowledge.

 Neighbours Day

Pick up a Neighbours Day bag at Stony Plain FCSS and plan to connect with 10 neighbours on Saturday, September 21. The bags contain celebratory lawn signs for you and your neighbours to show off your neighbourhood pride. Let’s get together Stony Plain and show off our great neighbourhoods.

Connecting can just be something as simple as coffee on your driveway. Think of a gathering that fits your neighbourhood’s personality –  Cookie swap, Sidewalk art contest, Get-to-know each other game, Baseball game, Group Fun Run or Barbecue. 

On Saturday, September 21, join us at 9AM at Shikaoi Park for music, coffee, conversation and cinnamon buns to kick start your celebration. 

Then share your photos on social media using #NeighboursDay2019  

Communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods. 

Neighbours Meeting Neighbours Community Event

Communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods.

Hosting a neighbourhood event is a fun and easy way to get to know your neighbours! As friendships grow, so do safe and caring communities.

This program runs year round and encourages neighbourhoods to be creative in their get-togethers – Snowman competitions, treasure hunts, garden tours, Backyard Theater – the possibilities are as infinite as our community’s imaginations. Let’s get together!

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