We are focused on supporting people in all walks of life by providing information and services for all your needs.

FCSS partners with other community agencies to deliver programs efficiently in a cost effective manner and to draw on experience from shared knowledge.

Note: Remember the importance of maintaining physical distancing in these times of COVID-19. Be innovative with your connecting.  Check out latest Provincial guidelines here 

Cultural Campfires

Cultural Campfires is back for our third season!

Since the beginning of time, gathering around campfires has provided people with a space for reflection, conversation, and community. It is a place where culture can be shared, understanding can be built, and connections can be nourished. Campfires are magical. Songs, stories and relationships flourish around campfires.

This summer, the Town of Stony Plain is bringing eight cultural campfires to our community virtually. The series runs on Thursday evenings for July and August at 7pm on our facebook page and will host diverse cultural storytelling from an array of cultural backgrounds including: Cree, Ukrainian, English, and few surprises. All are welcome to attend. The first campfire will be July 8, 2021.

The campfires are designed not just to entertain community but to build community understanding, acceptance and compassion.

Caring Hearts Connection

Caring Hearts Connectors is a safety net for residents of Stony Plain and Parkland County to connect to supports during times of crisis.

Services will include: fielding calls from residents in need, providing registration of residents at risk of needing support, follow up on isolated residents, general inquiries about local resources.

Working with community supports and local organization, we can ensure that all residents are supported.

Caring Hearts Connectors poster

Connect to Stony Plain FCSS at 780-963-8583 or pfcss@stonyplain.com 

 Dementia Connections Project

Dementia Connections Project's goal is to ensure all residents in the Tri Region living with dementia are supported.

Persons living with dementia and their care partners will be matched with a trained volunteer who can assist with resource navigation and individual friendly visiting on a regular basis.

Our trained volunteers are here to connect, support and share! If you are a person living with dementia and would like to participate in our project, connect with our office for an intake consult.

If you have a caring heart, a passion for connecting with others and an interest in dementia - Register to be a Dementia Connector!

Dementia Connections poster

Call for People

News Release

Up-to-date Dementia related information here

Connect to Stony Plain FCSS at 780-963-8583 or pfcss@stonyplain.com 

Trail Explorers Dementia-Friendly Walking Group

This week, building on our Dementia Connections Project, Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is launching the Trail Explorers Dementia-Friendly Walking Group

The goal is to create and maintain inclusive and welcoming dementia-friendly environments within the Tri Region by bringing together passionate volunteers with people living with dementia and their care partners for social engagement opportunities. This project will address issues of dementia, isolation and physical activity. 

The walking group will meet every second Thursday at 10:15 AM for a 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM walk starting May 6. Participants are asked to register in advance to ensure adherence to COVID-19 guidelines and location of walking group. Participants are asked to attend with their care partner as our volunteer leads the group through the trail system on an engaging walk and talk.  

Residents of Stony Plain, Parkland County and Spruce Grove who are living with dementia and looking for positive connections in a dementia-friendly setting are asking to call Stony Plain FCSS at 780-963-8583 to register.  

Neighbourhood Connect

Neighbourhood Connect is all about neighbours helping neighbours. 

Everyone is valuable and has something to offer neighbourhood life. The discovery of your neighbours skills, abilities and needs will lead to a stronger, more engaged, and supportive neighbourhood. 

Our neighbours are our greatest assets!

Register to be a Neighbourhood Connector in your neighbourhood. Build community, strengthen Stony Plain community spirit, and ensure all your neighbours are connected. Use #SPNeighbours to share stories and ideas with other Neighbourhood Connectors.

Note: Remember the importance of maintaining physical distancing in these times of COVID-19. Be innovative with your neighbouring and connecting.


Together we can ensure our neighbourhoods are strong, healthy and connected where neighbours care about neighbour and celebrate Stony Plain as a great place to call home.

SeniorConnect Tri-Region

SeniorConnect Tri-Region is a free, online training program that teaches residents how to recognize and respond to seniors in need. The program is open to all residents in the Tri-Municipal Region and is an excellent way for us to work together to help seniors in our community find local information, resources and support.

SeniorConnect Tri-Region is a partnership involving Stony Plain FCSS and Spruce Grove FCSS, and is made up of six training modules focused on:

1. Why connecting with seniors is important
2. Caregiver burnout
3. Mental illness: dementia, delirium and depression
4. Elder abuse
5. Addictions
6. Diversity

Register for SeniorConnect Tri-Region
To register for the training and become a Senior Connector:

• Create an account with SeniorConnect Tri-Region.
• Complete the online training modules.
• Start connecting with seniors.

SeniorConnect Tri-Region FAQs
What is a Senior Connector?
Senior Connectors are people of all ages who have completed the online training program and who live or work in the community. They are caring, concerned residents who are trained to connect seniors with the supports they need to remain independent, healthy and safe.

Why should I become a Senior Connector?
Senior Connectors play an important role in our community by recognizing seniors in need of support and responding with the information and resources they need. As people age, they can become isolated and disconnected, which may affect their social, mental and physical well-being.

Meet Tom, for example. Tom is a widowed senior living on his own. His family has moved away and he doesn’t get out much anymore. A neighbour who has completed the training and is a Senior Connector notices that Tom’s car is no longer parked in front of his home and decides to call him to see how he is doing. The neighbour learns Tom is no longer able to drive and needs groceries. So, she picks up some supplies for Tom and provides information about the Accessible Transportation Service for him to use in the future.

What kind of local resources does the online training program focus on?
The training program teaches participants about a variety of local resources. 2-1-1 Alberta, for example, is a 24-hour information and referral line that helps connect people to a full range of essential social, health and government services in the community.

How long will it take to complete the program?
Each module will take between 15 and 40 minutes to complete. You should expect the entire program to take two hours.

How can I support seniors safely amid COVID-19?
During these challenging times it is important to find ways to be good neighbours to one another. Look for opportunities to provide assistance and support to seniors where you can and when it is safe to do so. You may consider the following services, or acts of kindness, that don't involve physical contact:

• Delivering groceries or medical supplies;
• Mowing the lawn or helping in the garden;
• A friendly phone call to touch in.

Learn more about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Having trouble finding local services? You can now download a new app called HelpSeeker to help you out! HelpSeeker is a free mobile app that lists local organizations offering programs and services in the area. 

This includes: 

  • Mental health supports

  • Social services

  • Crisis helplines

  • Recreation services

  • Food delivery services

  • Special search for COVID-19 resources

When using the app, residents can search for the support they need and be connected with local resources. You can also search available supports in neighbouring communities, including Edmonton.

HelpSeeker can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store on any iOS or Android device. It can also be viewed online.

Information for Local Service Providers

Service providers in the Tri-Region are invited to join HelpSeeker today! It is free to participate and puts your programs and services at the fingertips of residents in our community. It also allows you to update your organization’s information online in real-time so you can better adapt to the changing world around us.

To join, visit helpseeker.org to create or claim your profile, and get started.

This pilot project is a partnership between Parkland County, the City of Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain FCSS.

 Neighbours Day

Big block parties may not be possible but Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is hoping you will pick up a pack of cards from one of our participating partner locations, write a message of appreciation and deliver them to your special neighbours on September 19, 2020. It’s all about recognizing our neighbours are our greatest assets!
Throughout 2020, Stony Plain FCSS staff have heard so many stories of good neighbours helping and supporting each other. Our communities are stronger from all this good neighbouring that has occurred over the last period. Use Stony Plain Neighbours Day to let your neighbours know how much you appreciate them. The theme this year is all about sharing gratitude with your neighbours.

From September 5 - September 19th, FREE thank you cards will be available from our participating partner locations:

• Stony Plain Youth Centre
• Stony Plain Public Library
• Stony Plain & Parkland Pioneer Museum
• Stony Plain Alliance Church
• Multicultural Heritage Centre

Take a photo of your card of thanks or share your good neighbour story with us on your social media accounts with @stonyplainfcss.

Neighbours Day Poster

Thank You Card Template

Neighbours Meeting Neighbours Community Event

Communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods.

Hosting a neighbourhood event is a fun and easy way to get to know your neighbours! As friendships grow, so do safe and caring communities.

This program runs year round and encourages neighbourhoods to be creative in their get-togethers – Snowman competitions, treasure hunts, garden tours, Backyard Theater – the possibilities are as infinite as our community’s imaginations. Let’s get together!

Note: Remember the importance of maintaining physical distancing in these times of COVID-19. Be innovative with your neighbouring and connecting.

Connect me with COVID-19 Resources and Community Support

Stony Plain FCSS is currently responding to the COVID-19 reality. During this time, our top priority is keeping people connected, supported and safe. Together we shine as a community. We will use the power of community to take thoughtful, positive actions to support our residents.

We have launched a number of new community projects to help residents of Stony Plain and Parkland County. More information on projects that specifically support the COVID-19 response are listed above.

Please visit the Town COVID response page for centralized information and updates on the evolving situation.

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