Stony Plain’s population has grown to almost 18,000 residents and is forecast to continue to grow in the next twenty years. With a growing population, the Town is focused on ensuring safe, appropriate, and affordable housing to address the needs of both the current and future population of Stony Plain. 

Stony Plain’s Municipal Development Plan (2020) provides high-level housing policy direction to strengthen and emphasize the development of complete communities that contain a suitable diversity of housing types and affordable non-market housing options.

Stony Plain has completed substantial work related to housing, with the Tri-Municipal Region Housing Strategy and the Tri-Region Short-Term Non-Market Housing Strategy currently underway and targeted for completion in fall 2021. The Town’s past and ongoing work provide general policy framework and guidance on specific aspects of housing; however, there is no overarching strategy that informs the long-term development of housing in our community. This more holistic direction is required to better understand community needs, refine gathered information to suit Stony Plain, and direct solutions and opportunities to ensure needs are met now and for the future.

Interested in an overview of housing opportunities in the Tri-Region? View the Regional Housing Guide (2021).

Components of the housing strategy?
There are two parts to the Housing Strategy. The first part is completing a community profile and housing needs assessment to better understand the current housing situation. The community profile and housing needs assessment will include information such as:
  • The current housing market situation in the region, including:
    • Demographics
    • Current supply and demand
    • Condition of existing housing
    • Assessed and sale prices
    • Rental vacancy rates
  • What gaps exist in the housing market and opportunities to fill those needs
  • The existing housing situation and gaps
  • Future housing need

Current and future housing needs, gaps and future priorities will be explored across the full housing continuum, with a focus on long-term housing solutions, as shown below.

The Housing Strategy will include policies and actions that will help the Town create and maintain an affordable, safe, and suitable supply of housing. The Housing Strategy will:

  • Determine the affordable housing gap, identify current barriers for residents to access and keep a home that meets their needs, define the key housing issues, and prioritize actions to best address the key issues;
  • Build on existing housing data to create recommendations;
  • Include policies, strategies, and approaches to address housing issues;
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships and confirm specific roles of key stakeholders and agencies; and
  • Recommend an implementation plan with short- and long-term goals and performance indicators to measure success.

Both parts of the project will involve engagement with the local community and stakeholders.

 Project timeline
 We want to hear from you

During our first phase of engagement in September, we heard from residents on the challenges they are currently facing and ideas for potential actions that would have a positive impact on housing in Stony Plain. Through a community survey, stakeholder workshop, and Council workshop, feedback was gathered on:

  • Housing gaps and current challenges and barriers
  • Existing and future housing needs
  • Potential ideas for action, opportunities to explore, and areas of priority

See what has been shared so far by reading the Phase 1 What We Heard Report.

We are currently in Phase 2: Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan. Now, we want your feedback to confirm what we’ve heard so far and gather your input on the draft mission statement, goals, and direction of the Housing Strategy to better address housing needs in Stony Plain.

Get Involved! From October 27 to November 15, 2021, share your feedback on the draft mission statement, goals, and direction of the Housing Strategy by completing the second survey.