See below for answers to some commonly asked questions about living in Stony Plain.

Community Standards

Who maintains fences in Stony Plain?

You are responsible for maintenance of all fences surrounding your property. The only exception to this are these three Town owned fences:

Do I have to shovel my sidewalk?
Yes, you must shovel your sidewalk within 48 hours of the end of a snowfall. See more Snow and Ice information on our Road Maintenance page. 
How do I report a problem?
You can report problems in Stony Plain through our Report a Problem page.
Can I park my RV on my property?
Yes, you can park your RV if you follow the RV Parking rules.
Do I have to license my animals?
Yes, you must license your cats and dogs in Stony Plain. Visit our Animals and Pets page for more information. 
Are there rules for garage sales?
Yes, a garage sale can only run for up to 72-hours.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do I sign up for now that I live in Stony Plain?

If you own your home you will need to sign up for a utility account for water, sewer, and garbage. If you are renting your home, you need to arrange payment with your landlord as utility bills must stay in the name of the owner.

How do I pay my taxes?

You can sign up for our monthly payment plan, make a lump sum payment, or add the taxes to your mortgage. Contact our Tax Clerk for more information.

When is my garbage picked up?

Garbage, Organics, and Recycling are picked by zone. Check the waste collection schedule or pick up a schedule at Town Hall. Download the MyWaste app for reminders.

What can I put in Organics or Blue Bags?

Visit our Garbage, Recycling, and Organics page or pick up a list at Town Hall.

Is there a community cemetery?

The municipal cemetery project is officially entering the first phase of planning and design. The future cemetery located on Rosenthal Road will be a peaceful, non-denominational final resting place to honour your loved one.

Where are the community bulletin boards?

If you have event or service you want to advertise, post your 8 x 11 flyers on our community bulletin boards. The boards are located around Stony Plain:

  • Corner of Brightbank Avenue and Oatway Drive
  • 5022 51 Avenue (By the Drop-In Centre)
  • St. Andrews Entrance (Golf Course Road and 44Avenue)
  • Glenn Hall Centennial Arena (5300 52 Street)
  • High Park Road
  • Corner of 44 Avenue and 28 Street
  • Willow Park (adjacent to the playground)
  • Graybriar Drive
  • Westerra Drive

Be advised flyers are removed after three weeks.

Who are the Gas/Power providers for the town?

Please visit Utilities Consumer Advocate for a list of local providers.

Where do I find a map of the town?

Please visit our Maps page for interactive Town maps.

Is there a transit system in the Town that goes to Spruce Grove or Edmonton?

Stony Plain Transit operates throughout the community and links up with Spruce Grove's transit system. We have an Accessible Transportation Service for seniors or people with reduced mobility.