We offer community training to increase the capacity of our residents to support their own mental health and that of those they are in direct contact with. There are also specialized workshops that can be found throughout the year on special topics.

Check the community calendar for upcoming activities. 

 Community Helpers Program - AHS

In every community there are people whom others naturally turn to for support. They are from all walks of life and are considered by others to be helpers. Helpers possess characteristics like empathy, care, and compassion. The Community Helpers Program identifies these helpers and offers training to strengthen their natural abilities. Helpers learn a variety of topics and skills including effective communication, self-care, coping with stress, knowing when to refer people to professional services, handling crisis situations, and suicide awareness.

In addition to developing skills and increasing knowledge, Helpers are introduced to community services and professional support. This connection bridges informal and formal support in the community, enabling helpers to refer peers and family to expert support when needed.

Ages 12+ (program modifies the age group) 

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 Mental Health First Aid


Mental Health First Aid is offered to someone with an emerging mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until appropriate treatment is found or the situation is resolved.

Format: Two-day interactive course which includes 12 hours of training.

Date: Spring/summer offerings

Cost: $150/participant

Mental Health First Aid Youth

(Alternate year to Mental Health First Aid Senior) Program runs in the fall.

MHFA Adults who Interact with Youth is intended for an adult audience whose primary focus is youth (ages 14 - 25). In addition to the four most common disorders discussed in MHFA BASIC, this course includes instruction about eating disorders and deliberate self-injury.

Participants who take this course are well prepared to interact confidently about mental health with the young people in their lives, including at schools, extra-curricular activities, social services, family, friends, and communities. 

Format: Two-day interactive including 14 hours of training. 

Cost: $150/participant + tax

Mental Health First Aid Seniors

(Alternate year to Mental Health First Aid Youth) Program runs in the fall.

MHFA Seniors is an adaptation of the MHFA Basic course that is intended to increase the capacity of seniors, families (informal caregivers), friends, staff in care settings and communities to promote mental health in seniors, prevent mental illness and suicide wherever possible in seniors and intervene early when problems first emerge.

Format: Two-day interactive session including 14 hours of training

Cost: $150/participant + tax


 Psychological First Aid - Red Cross

Psychological First Aid is for all community members.  This course equips learners in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief on others, with emphasis on self-care and personal protection. Learners will be introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model - a resiliency-building approach to emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing that teaches learners how to support themselves and others to cope with the effects of various types of stress.

The course uses primarily case-based learning and includes the latest evidence from the international community.

Format: 12 hours or a blended seven hours in-class and five hours online. 

Cost: $150/participant + tax

Provided through Red Dragon CPR


SafeTALK is for all community members. This 3.5 hour workshop alerts one to warning signs indicating risk of suicide. The workshop emphasizes the importance of recognizing the signs, communicating with the person at risk and getting help or resources for the person at risk.  

Cost: $50/person + tax 

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Canadian Mental Health Association - Well-Being Course

The Well-being Course is an innovative, online learning experience designed to assist people achieve greater levels of mental health, well-being and life satisfaction and it is totally free.

It will help support you in understanding yourself better and help you make positive changes in your life. It can also connect you to valuable resources and others on the same journey that will provide you with the support you need and deserve to succeed. Click on the link below to learn more, or register.


QPR - Suicide Prevention Training 

QPR teaches the warning signs of a suicide crisis, how to offer hope through positive action and ultimately, how to assist in saving a life. The three basic steps for this training workshop include:

Question - the individual's desire or intent regarding suicide;
Persuade - the person to seek and accept help and support;
Refer - the person to the appropriate resources

This training is being provided through Imagine Institute on the following dates:


Tuesday April 4, 2023 from 9-12PM


Friday April 28, 2023 from 9-12PM


Cost: Use the discount code Living23 to receive this training at no cost.

Location: Virtual, over Zoom. 

Anxious? Take our free, Virtual Anxiety to Calm workshop.  Challenge your thoughts, behaviors and emotions while practicing proven and effective skills to manage anxiety and promote a sense of calm.  


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Feeling "stuck"? We want you to have the best life you can.  Alberta Happiness Basics is a 7-week workshop grounded in positive psychology that is a simple and an empowering.  This workshop is designed for adults with mild to moderate depression.  Take our free, virtual Happiness Basics workshop to learn new skills and create habits to boost your overall happiness.  Maximum class size is 12.  Offered in partnership with Westview Primary Care Network.

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