Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, lift stations and all sanitary storm sewer repairs.

Storm water management

We do regular maintenance of storm water ponds. This includes:

  • removal of garbage and debris,
  • monitoring aquatic plant growth,
  • control of weeds and invasive plants,
  • and checking the integrity of the pond's structure.

Flood Mitigation

A Storm Water Mitigation Project and a Sanitary Manhole Flooding Protection Retrofit Project are underway after two major flooding events in Stony Plain this summer. In some areas of Town the storm water system was not capable of handling the extreme amount of water which caused local street and private property flooding. In addition, a large amount of storm water entered the sanitary system which caused backup into some residents’ homes. 

The projects are part of the Town’s Storm Water Management Master Plan and include potential culvert upgrades, improvements to local areas that experienced flooding, storm system maintenance, sanitary manhole sealing and installation of storm and sanitary monitoring devices.

View the Flood Mitigation Presentation. Submit your comments about the flooding through the Flood Questionnaire. 

Flood Questionnaire