Water meters are important instruments we use to track water consumption and charge for water usage. Water meter installation is recommended during the construction phase and prior to occupancy of a building.

Your water meter is located inside your house or business. Water meters are read monthly. If you notice your water bill is larger than normal:

  • Check all toilets, faucets, appliances (including air conditioners) and outside taps for drips or continuous flow
  • Turn off all water fixtures and listen for running water

Any water consumption recorded on the water meter before the possession date will not be charged to the builder as it is considered construction water. The builder pays a construction water charge at the time of a building permit application which covers this usage.

Water Meter Permit Request

A Water Meter Permit Request must be completed and submitted to our Utilities department for approval prior to booking an appointment.

Water Meter Permit Request Form Submit Completed Request Form 

Information Package for Home Builders and Contractors

Water meter installation requirements

A building is ready is ready for a new water meter when:

  • the service line has passed all necessary tests and procedures according to our new water line commission guidelines for commercial, industrial and/or multi-family installs;
  • the service line has been flushed and free of any sediment or rocks;
  • the building is heated to prevent freezing of water lines and the water meter;
  • water is turned on to the meter setting so that the water meter can be tested for leaks after installation;

Booking a water meter installation appointment

A water meter must be installed before occupancy will be granted. Our Utilities department is available for water meter installations from 9:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If a plumber has installed the water meter 1.5" (40mm) or larger, an appointment needs to be set-up with our Utilities department so the water meter and bypass can be secured and tested.

Utilities will need access to the building. If the building is locked, please provide a builder's key, lockbox code, garage code or have an adult available to meet with a Town operator at the site of the installation.

If any Town requirements are not met, the operator will refuse to install the water meter. If this occurs, the builder will need to make another appointment and expect a charge for each subsequent visit by a Town operator.

Commercial, industrial, and multi-family installations

The Water Meter Request Permit must be completed and submitted to our Utilities department no later than thirty business days prior to the occupancy date to allow for water meter delivery from the supplier. 

Single family residential, condominiums and row/townhouse installations

The Water Meter Request Permit must be completed and submitted to our Utilities department no later than fifteen business days prior to expected occupancy date.