Your water comes from Edmonton through a series of pipes to the Town reservoirs. Pump stations pump the water through water main lines to all residents and businesses. Water is tested weekly for bacteria and chlorine.

Water issues

Dirty tap water

Your dirty/cloudy tap water may be caused from:

  • Water main flushing;
  • Work on the main water line;
  • Water main breaks.

If you notice dirty/cloudy water, run the cold water tap in your bathtub or outside tap for about 30 minutes or until your water runs clear.

Fire hydrants

Only authorized personnel can use fire hydrants.

Town fire hydrants are silver and red. Private fire hydrants are yellow.

You can report issues with Town hydrants such as:

  • Leaking water;
  • Vandalism;
  • Damage;
  • Missing caps.

You may not plant or build anything within one meter of a hydrant.

Report It

Leaking hot water tank

Contact a plumber to check your water tank.

Low or high water pressure

Most water pressure problems are local to your home. Town water pressure is 50 psi.

Low Pressure at one Fixture

Check if the valve for the tap or toilet is open (located under the sink or behind the toilet), make sure the screens on the taps are clean.

Low Pressure with all Fixtures

  • Check that your valves on the water lines are wide open (including the valve where the water enters your home).
  • Check your pressure-reducing valve (located where the water line enters your home) Contact a plumber for assistance.
  • Check for leaks inside your home at faucets, toilets, hot water tank, or the outside water tap.
  • Ask your neighbours if they have low water pressure. Contact us if everyone has low pressure.

High pressure

  • Have your pressure-reducing valve checked;
  • Ask your neighbour if they have high water pressure. Contact us if everyone has high pressure.

Water service shut off/turn on

Public Works can shut off /turn on your water in an emergency or if you need plumbing repairs. The fee for this service will be added to your monthly utility bill.

Water leaks on private property

You are responsible to repair leaks starting from your cc valve (near the property line) to your house. You may have a water leak if you notice:

  • Water is coming out of the ground in your yard;
  • Areas of your property are always soggy and wet;
  • Patches of grass which stay greener than the rest of the lawn;
  • You can hear water running even when taps are turned off.

Water leaks on Town property

You can report leaks on Town property or contact Public Works.

Report It

Blocked drains

You are responsible for blocked drains in your home.

Many items cause sewer blockages, even flushable items. These items should never be flushed or poured down the drain:

  • Fats, oil, and greases;
  • Feminine hygiene products;
  • Baby or cleaning wipes;
  • Cotton balls or swabs;
  • Band-aids;
  • Disposable diapers;
  • Dental floss;
  • Cat litter.

You can store fats and grease in disposable containers and put them in the garbage.

Businesses must install and maintain grease traps. Grease must be disposed of properly.

Water Meters

Your water meter is located on the outside of your house or business. Water meters are read monthly. If you notice your water bill is larger than normal:

  • Check all toilets, faucets, appliances (including air conditioners) and outside taps for drips or continuous flow;
  • Turn off all water fixtures and listen for running water;