STONY PLAIN, AB: Since 2017 Council has identified the development and construction of a recreation facility as a strategic priority. At the February 13th Council meeting, Administration provided an update on the recreation facility project. The update provided Council with a Class B cost for the project, funding activities staff are undertaking, and when the project will be construction ready. The facility design includes a 6-sheet curling facility, walking track, field space, multipurpose courts, dedicated pickleball courts and community spaces.

The facility has an estimated construction value of $39,405,670. Since 2021, the construction market has experienced a cost increase of over 40%. A curling facility was added to the design after the former building was lost to fire in 2021. The curling club has confirmed they will be contributing $3 million to the project through insurance proceeds. Administration also presented the submission of a Green Inclusive Community Buildings Program grant (GCIB). The facility is being designed to be net zero ready to meet requirements for the grant. Administration will continue working with other community and regional partners to leverage additional funding support for this project.

“This is an important project for Stony Plain that will encourage growth and development,” says Mayor William Choy. “Council is looking forward to the upcoming construction of this facility which will meet the future needs of our community.”

“Recreation facilities play an important role in strengthening a community’s social fabric and provide an important community hub,” says Karl Hill, General Manager of Community and Protective Services. “This facility will complement the existing inventory of facilities in the region, and will support the growth of the town.”

Administration will continue to complete detail design drawings and tender documents for the facility and bring a funding report back to Council before proceeding to construction. Learn more about the Regional Recreation Centre for our community on the Community Recreation Facility page of the Town website.