The Town of Stony Plain’s 2021 Annual Report has been published. Each year, Stony Plain compiles and releases a report outlining key milestones, initiatives, and projects paired with a comprehensive financial report.

“The well-being of our residents is the priority. We are committed to serving public interest by prioritizing good governance, growing economic opportunity, developing supportive infrastructure, community development, and environmental sustainability. These goals are our roadmap to growing Stony Plain in a way that reflects our community’s priorities,” says Mayor William Choy.

“The Annual Report is an accessible document showcasing progress made toward our strategic goals, and it provides a transparent look at the Town’s financial operations,” says Town Manager Thomas Goulden. “Beyond its role as a reporting tool, the report is also a celebration of the hard work that contributed to the municipality’s successes in the previous year.”

Some of the highlights detailed in the 2021 Annual Report include:

  • Progress made toward revitalizing the downtown core
  • Launch of Stony Plain’s first public transit system
  • Incorporation of Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services
  • Announcement of Stony Plain’s first Francophone school
  • Creation of the first Environmental Master Plan

“Stony Plain strives to be a leader in financial reporting, and the Annual Report is one of many reports we use to educate our community and strengthen the relationship between the organization and Stony Plain residents. For the last ten years, the Town has been a recipient of the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting and this recognition reflects our commitment to responsible financial reporting,” says Manager of Financial Services Teri Stewart.

The Annual Report can be viewed on the Stony Plain website.