How do you receive information on local happenings? The Town of Stony Plain wants to hear from you!

The Town of Stony Plain is launching a public participation campaign to better understand how residents and community members receive information on Town-related events, programs, and projects. The Be in the Know! campaign will gather feedback through an online survey with responses used to guide best practices for the Town moving forward.

“Stony Plain continues to experience a growth in its population and as we grow, we need to be active in measuring our approaches to ensure we are meeting the needs of our growing community. This is a great opportunity for residents to get involved and help guide decision-making at the administrative level,” says Mayor William Choy.

“The Town currently uses several tools to communicate information to residents, and recently we have heard from residents they are not always informed about what is happening in the community. Through the Be in the Know! campaign, we are working to identify gaps and adjust accordingly to ensure all community members are informed and connected,” says Senior Corporate Communications Officer Stephanie Barsby Boisvert.

Participants will have the opportunity to win one of six $50 gift cards from a local business by participating in the survey and subscribing to the Stony Plain Newsroom. One entry will be given for a survey response and an additional entry will be included for those who subscribe to the Newsroom between June 1 – September 30.

Community members can take the survey and subscribe to the Newsroom on the Stony Plain website.