STONY PLAIN, AB: The Corporate Plan public meetings have concluded. Council reviewed the Recommended Corporate Plan and discussed Administration’s recommendations over the course of three evenings. The final Corporate Plan 2024-2026 will be presented to Council for approval on November 27, 2023, with the approved document published on the Corporate Plan webpage.

The Corporate Plan provides the resources and priorities to guide Town services, processes, and projects for the next three years. Each plan aims to achieve outcomes outlined in the Town’s Strategic Plan and is based on the vision and framework of the Municipal Development Plan.

“Every Corporate Plan brings its own set of opportunities and hurdles. The public planning sessions offer a chance for Council to carefully examine proposals for the Town’s future and share their insights. The Corporate Plan serves as our guide for investing in a stronger, more vibrant Stony Plain,” says Town Manager Tom Goulden.

Several corporate and capital projects have been proposed for the 2024 schedule, including: 

  • Community Recreation Centre Construction
  • Old Town South Redevelopment
    • Infrastructure construction
    • Façade improvement and placemaking grant program
  • Public Works Facility Construction
  • Housing Accelerator Project
  • Meridian Heights Reservoir Upgrade
  • Water Main Network Upgrade
    • Fill Line to High Park Reservoir
    • Golf Course Road Water Main
  • Major Road Rehabilitation
    • 43 Street Detailed Design
  • Bridge Rehabilitation Program
    • Whispering Waters Creek at Forest Green School
  • Transportation Safety & Crosswalk Program
    • Willow Park Road and St. John Paul II School
    • Genesis Drive and Genesis Court
    • Folkstone Place and Folkstone Manor
    • 44 Avenue and 33 Street
  • Heritage Park Drainage Improvement Design
  • Water Meter Replacement Program Study
  • Together We Shine – Understanding Accessibility
  • Staffing Increases to enhance community services:
    • Heritage Park Operator
    • Accessible Transit Service Clerk
    • Accessible Transit Service Driver
    • Human Resource Coordinator
    • Culture & Tourism Advisor
    • Project Engineer – Utilities
  • Parks Level of Service Improvement
  • Capital Infrastructure Replacement Program
    • Bridge the reserve funding gap and enable replacement of capital infrastructure and equipment (2024 is the third year of a five-year initiative)
    • 1.0 per cent allocation
  • Regional Transit Service Improvements

Proposed Tax Impact on Ratepayers for 2024

During the November 6, 7 & 8 meetings, several motions were passed by Council requesting revisions to the proposed tax increase. The result of these motions is a proposed tax increase to 9.76% for 2024 comprised of 6.76% for operating and 3% for the Community Recreation Centre. Impact of the regional transit service motion will be brought forward through the updated Corporate Plan on November 27.

Increases to water and wastewater rates respectively have been proposed at $0.00 (0%) and $0.33 (10.1%) per cubic metre. Rate increases are the result of investing in the repair and maintenance expenses required to maintain service levels as well as projects required to grow Stony Plain. In addition to utility increases, the stormwater rate is set to increase by $1.20 (5.16%) for single-family homes.



2023 Bill

Proposed 2024 Bill

Net Increase

Monthly Increase

Annual Property Taxes based on $350,000 of assessment






Annual Community Recreation Centre Impact






Annual Utilities billing based on 12 cubic metres of usage






Annual Stormwater Fee






Annual Waste Management Billing






Total Impact to Ratepayer
















“Corporate Planning is a collective endeavour that requires careful consideration of tough choices. The proposed plan lays the groundwork for Council’s annual direction, and we greatly appreciate the ongoing commitment and effort of our dedicated staff. As a Council, we continue to focus on capital projects that will help grow our community and the capital projects and reserve funding that will ensure the Town can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. These investments made in our community today will pave the way for a resilient future for Stony Plain,” emphasizes Mayor William Choy.

Recordings of the Corporate Plan meetings can be viewed on the Stony Plain YouTube Channel.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.