Bylaw 2675/LUO/23 – FD – Future Development District Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2nd & 3rd Readings

An amendment to the Land Use Bylaw was proposed to allow for a medium industrial use (concrete crushing) to operate for a limited amount of time within a defined area of the Future Development District.

Following a public hearing at last night’s Council meeting, second and third readings were given to Bylaw 2675 to amend Land Use Bylaw 2671/LUO/23 and be adopted.

More information from Council’s first reading can be found in the May 8, 2023 Council Meeting Highlights.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 7-29 & 47-49.

Waste Cart Location Pilot

Administration presented survey results to Council following completion of the Waste Cart Location Pilot that begin in November 2022 and concluded at the beginning of 2023. The Town neighbourhoods of Meridian Heights, St. Andrews, and West of 48th Street & South of the CN Railroad tracks have historically had their waste collected on their front roadway during the road ban months of April to the start of June.  The Town conducted a pilot project that started the road ban in November instead of April. The presentation focused on feedback received from residents and the results of a survey conducted during the pilot, including:

  • 812 door knockers distributed
  • 211 surveys completed (26%)
  • Rear back alley pick-up year-round was the option of choice for 46% of respondents

Administration has made the decision to revert waste collection back to the status quo of rear alley road bans from April to June when pick up will occur in the front street during that period and will revert to the rear alley for the remainder of the year.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 51-65.

Land Management Report

Council accepted the annual Land Management Report for information, including:

  • Current surplus land holdings with any additional identified lands recommended to be declared surplus;
  • Projected land requirements; and
  • Land transactions.

As per the Town’s Land Management Policy (C-CAO-036).

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 66-68.


Land Management Policy

The purpose of the Land Management Policy is to provide a transparent, fair and accountable approach to land transactions by the Town. The policy was first presented and approved by Council in 2019.

In accordance with the prescribed four-year policy review, Administration conducted a review of the policy and recommended minor revisions to reflect current policy language. Council approved the revised policy as presented.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 69-83.


Strategic & Corporate Plan Q2 2023 Report

Council accepted the Strategic & Corporate Plan Q2 2023 Report for information at last night’s Council meeting.

The Strategic & Corporate Plan quarterly report provides the progress status on actions and results of the key initiatives identified in the Strategic and Corporate Plans. The report can be found for viewing on page 85 of the Council Meeting Agenda. Administration will provide quarterly updates to Council with the next update for Q3 2023 in October.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 84-95.


2023 Alberta Municipalities Convention Emergent Resolution – Enhance Amusement Ride Safety

Each year, Alberta Municipalities’ members can put forward resolutions for deliberation at their annual convention. If a proposed resolution is adopted, Albert Municipalities will work on behalf of municipalities to advocate to the Government of Alberta to implement the clauses of the resolution.

The Town is requesting consideration of an emergent resolution, Enhance Amusement Ride Safety, as a result of two incidents that occurred in Stony Plain during Farmers’ Days 2023.

Amusement rides in Alberta must operate based on Canadian standards and regulations adopted under the Province of Alberta Safety Codes Act. The emergent resolution requests that Alberta Municipalities advocate to the Government of Alberta to conduct a review of the codes and standards that govern amusement rides to ensure members of the public can enjoy the safe operation of these experiences.

Council approved the proposed resolution. It will be submitted to Alberta Municipalities for consideration by the Board of Directors to be presented at the Convention in September. A letter will also be sent to the MLA and Minister of Municipal Affairs to inform them of the request.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 96-100.


Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain Council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.