Appointment of Deputy Mayor

At last night’s Council Meeting, Councillor Melanie Loyns was appointed as Deputy Chief Elected Official for the term of June 26 until October 31.

The position of Deputy Mayor is four months in duration and is occupied by each member of Council two times within each term. The order in which each Council member is designated as Deputy Mayor is determined by drawing names at the beginning of the Council term.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 6-9.

SevGen Consulting Inc. Presentation of Plaque to Council

Derek M. Bruno, Managing Partner, and Jill Yanch, Senior Consultant of SevGen Consulting Inc. presented Council with a plaque for the Town’s commitment to reconciliation for having trained all staff and elected officials in cultural awareness.

SevGen Consulting Inc. is a multi-disciplinary, 100% Indigenous-owned firm that offers innovative and meaningful solutions that promote equity, collaboration, and inclusion of Indigenous Peoples. With the presentation of this plaque, SevGen recognizes Stony Plain’s efforts to fulfil Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Call to Action #57, Professional Development and Training for Public Servants.

Learn more in the agenda package on page 10.

Bylaw 2676/BORR/23 – Operating Expenditures Borrowing Bylaw – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Reading

In April 2020, the Town increased its available line of credit from $1 million to $10 million given the economic uncertainties and relief provided to residents related to the pandemic. Following the pandemic, the operating line of credit was reduced to $5 million once deferral programs ended.

Thus, the Operating Expenditures Borrowing Bylaw has been reviewed and recommended to align with the current authorized line of credit. Administration deems maintaining at $5 million is appropriate as it is approximately 10% of our annual budget. Funds are only drawn if required, with factors such as current interest rates and timing of cash requirements considered.

At last night’s meeting, Bylaw 2676/BORR/23 – Operating Expenditures Borrowing Bylaw was given first, second and third readings, and was unanimously adopted by Council.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 27-34.


Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain Council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.