The Town of Stony Plain is gearing up for another construction season; the largest and most exciting project is the Downtown Redevelopment. Administration presented an update to Council at Monday evening’s Regular Council Meeting. There is still work to complete on Phase II this season and simultaneously work will begin on Phase III.

  • 2017 Phase I — rear lane improvements
  • 2018 Phase II — 50th Street between 54th and 52nd Avenues
  • 2019 Phase III — 50th Street between 52nd and 51st Avenues
  • 2020 Phase IV — 50th Street between 51th and 50th Avenues

Ian McKay, General Manager of Planning & Infrastructure says, “The tender process is a little different this year. The tender has gone out as one package to construct both Phase III in 2019 and Phase IV in 2020. This should provide construction efficiencies and cost savings to the Town, while also minimizing disruption to downtown businesses.”

The budget for the rest of the project was approved at the April 8th Council meeting of $3.8M, bringing the grand total of all four phases to $15.9M dollars. This is an increase of $390,976 from the initial budget for all four phases of $15.5M dollars.

Town Manager Tom Goulden says, “The water and sewer infrastructure on 50th Street had to be upgraded as part of our ten-year Capital Improvement Plan. The Downtown Redevelopment Project, however, goes above and beyond fulfilling that commitment to supportive infrastructure. This project will nurture and preserve downtown Stony Plain, which is an essential part of our community.” Goulden goes on to say, “With a project of this scale, and spanning over four years, it’s not surprising the cost is slightly higher than the original budget forecast for the entire project.”

The four-phase project will include replacing aging infrastructure, bettering the pedestrian environment, establishing bicycle route linkages, improving paving and sidewalks, developing traffic-calming features, enhancing spaces for cultural events, and integrating new public art.

Mayor William Choy says, “Downtown is a vital piece of Stony Plain’s charm and personality, so this is an incredibly exciting major project. It will drastically enhance the area by increasing efficiency and safety of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow. It will also build upon the look of downtown with new décor, greenery, and public art, and create welcoming and attractive gathering spaces. The final result will be a greatly improved and beautified downtown area of which the community will be proud to call our own.”

The following aspects are included in the project:

  • Bulb-outs at intersections to lessen pedestrian crossing distances. Bulb-outs will also create small pedestrian gathering pockets; will allow for further planting enhancements, seating, and other street furniture; and help animate those spaces to make them enjoyable areas for pedestrians to spend their time. These locations will also serve as focal opportunities for art and sculptures.
  • Stamped and coloured asphalt StreetBond crossings will be more noticeable to drivers and make crossings safer for the pedestrians.
  • Drop down curb ramps will be incorporated at crossings and handicap parking stalls to support wheelchair accessibility and promote universal accessibility.
  • Wide sidewalks will be enhanced with coloured and sandblasted concrete patterns. Well-defined pedestrian and street furniture zones will maximize the pedestrian realm.
  • Furniture Zones will include: trees in tree grates; lit bollards; light poles with hanging baskets and banners; concrete planters; seating; traffic and wayfinding signage; garbage receptacles; and bicycle racks.
  • To sustain the trees long-term, soil cells will be incorporated into the drainage design to fit within the sidewalk.
  • Lit bollards will further help indicate the pedestrian realm and protect from vehicles parking along the road. The illumination will also add interest and aesthetics during the night and winter months.
  • An upgrade to LED light bulbs will be incorporated into the electrical design for all proposed street lights and bollards.
  • Avenues will be transformed up to the alleyways to tie into bike corridors and differentiate the downtown core from the surrounding residential areas.
  • A roundabout has been designed at 50th Street and 51st Ave to conform to standard vehicle turning radius. This will be the focal point of the downtown, and a designated area for festivals and events.
  • The roundabout will support future placement of removable gazebos, art, and/or the Town Christmas tree, which will animate the space.
  • Downtown entrance pillar signage at both the North and South entrances.

Construction is expected to begin later this spring, early June as weather permits, and will continue for the entire construction season.

To learn more about the project, go to

Downtown Redevelopment