2023 Environmental Portfolio Progress Update Presented to Council for Information

The 2023 Environmental Portfolio Progress Update was presented to Council at last night’s meeting to showcase the status and changes in environmental initiatives in Stony Plain. The Update outlines the progress made in implementing the Environmental Master Plan and Environmental Stewardship Strategy, aligning with the Town's strategic goals for environmental responsibility and sustainability outlined in the Strategic Plan 2023-2026.

Learn more in the agenda package on pages 11 – 52.

Water System Interruption Update

Fire Chief and Acting Director of Emergency Management Trevor Mistal, briefed Council on the recent mandatory ban on non-essential water use, following a distribution pumping equipment system failure at EPCOR's E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant last week. The equipment repairs have been completed, the water distribution system is now stabilized and the water use ban has been lifted. Town staff will be evaluating impacts of the event and considering future improvements and mitigations.

Learn more by watching the meeting broadcast recording on our YouTube channel.

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