Champions Table Presents Tri-Regional Homelessness & Poverty Initiative

Champions Table members joined Council last night for a presentation on a collaboration working to align poverty and homelessness work at the regional level. Since its initial formation in September 2019, the Champions Table has worked to create a shared vision and lay the foundation for future work aimed at poverty alleviation and homelessness reduction. The Champions Table is led by regional community stakeholders from across the Tri-Region. Stony Plain FCSS sits at this regional table as part of advancing the Stony Plain plan to reduce poverty.

Learn more and view the full Tri-Regional Homelessness & Poverty Initiative report in the agenda package on pages 6 – 20.

Sommerville Gate Development Update

Council was brought up to speed on the latest developments regarding Sommerville Gate. On May 12, 2020, the Town accepted a Formal Submission on behalf of the landownership groups of Sommerville Gate. After review, the submission was approved and the development project given leeway to continue with the expectation the landowners remediate the development of the detached and semi-detached dwellings located off Golf Course Road.

In the summer and fall of 2020, construction occurred on the site followed by inspections by the Town which noted deficiencies in the work. In October, the Town received geotechnical reports, field reviews, and building permit schedules which did not meet the expectations of the Formal Submission. Since November, additional correspondence between the Town, the landowners, and their respective consultants has been underway. Administration has asked to be informed prior to the landowner or their consultants conducting any further work.

Currently, the total costs to inspect and monitor the remediation work are unknown, but additional funding for expert advice may be required in 2021 to protect the Town’s interests and ensure public safety. The Town will continue to work with the developer towards a plan to address unfinished infrastructure work beyond Sommerville Gate.

Learn more about the Sommerville Gate Development in the agenda package on pages 23 – 26.

Administration Presents the First Annual Development Activity Report

In 2020, the Town received inquiries from developers, businesses, and residents for information on recent development statistics. While this information is provided through the Town’s website, this format has lacked analysis. Recognizing the gap in the information provided, Administration moved to create the first Annual Development Activity Report. The report provides insight into development trends in Stony Plain in a format that is more digestible and accessible to the community. Administration anticipates the report will be expanded as the Town continues to measure, monitor, and track more information.

Community members can view the Annual Development Activity Report on the Town’s website.

Read more about the Annual Development Activity Report in the agenda package from pages 28 – 41.

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