Alberta Transportation has informed the Town that last week’s rainy weather resulted in several delays and rescheduling of work. Construction crews will continue to work throughout the weekend and into Monday to complete the concrete curb and gutter and tie-ins along the west side of 48 Street between 50 Avenue and 55 Avenue. Paving along the widening of southbound lanes between 51 Avenue and 52 Avenue has been scheduled for Monday, August 31. The 53 Avenue intersection is planned to be reopened by end of day Monday. The 48 Street access to the back lane on the west side of 48 Street between 52 Avenue and 53 Avenue has been closed and relocated south to 53 Avenue. The realigned access is being gravelled and will be opened to traffic once the concrete access apron has been constructed following the long weekend.

The east side back lanes between 56 Avenue and 54 Avenue have been gravelled and are open to traffic on a gravel surface. The back lane between 54 Avenue and 52 Avenue was excavated and unfortunately, was flooded due to the rain late last week ultimately delaying work. Work will resume on this back lane on Monday, August 31. It is anticipated to be reopened to traffic on a gravel surface by Saturday, September 5. Once this lane has been completed, all three lanes will be closed for two days for a final grade of the gravel base and paving the final asphalt surface.

Crews will also be out paving the intersection of 53 Avenue and 48 Street on Monday, August 31. The intersection will be reopened to traffic by the end of the day. Following the paving, the intersection of 55 Avenue and 48 Street will be closed on Wednesday, September 2 beginning at 9AM. The intersection will remain closed for two weeks to accommodate construction operations.