Construction work continues on Alberta Transportation’s Highway 779 project with a few closures to be noted. The intersections at 51 Avenue and 52 Avenue have been closed for construction. Pouring of the concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter began on Thursday, September 24 and will continue today (September 25) on 51 Avenue. At 52 Avenue, crews will continue placing granular base today and Saturday. The concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter at 52 Avenue will be formed and poured beginning Monday, September 28 and the paving schedule for these two intersections will be confirmed early next week.

Removal of the existing curb and gutter along the east side of 48 Street between 57 Avenue and 55 Avenue will begin today. As a result of the curb and gutter work, 48 Street will be down to one lane in each direction between 55 Avenue and 57 Avenue for the duration of construction operations.

Grading and placing of the granular base course on the multi-use trails between 49 Avenue and 57 Avenue will continue through next week. Crews will be installing pedestrian crosswalks with flashers across 48 street at the Westerra Drive/Genesis Lake Boulevard and 50 Avenue intersections. Work began at Westerra Drive on Thursday, September 24 and work on 50 Avenue will start next week.