STONY PLAIN, AB: The 2023 Ambassador of Action Business Award, presented annually to a local business demonstrating growth through improvement and expansion, has been awarded to Lady and the Tramp’s Paw Resort.

The Ambassador of Action Business Award seeks to spotlight businesses that have made substantial investments not only in their business but also in the community, through endeavors such as the development or expansion of physical structures, job creation, enhancements in products or services, and elevated community visibility.

Lady and the Tramp’s Paw Resort, owned by Jenn and Gaston, made strides in the past year by investing $40,000 to construct a dog pool on their premises. This innovative addition offers a safe and enjoyable space for dog owners to engage their pets in year-round exercise, catering to dogs of all ages, temperaments, and mobility levels. Particularly beneficial for senior dogs, this new service has garnered significant attention within the community, showcasing the business's dedication to enhancing the quality of life for furry family members. The investment in this facility has not only enriched their offerings but has also generated notable community engagement and visibility for the business.

“Congratulations to Lady and the Tramp’s Paw Resort, a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit and economic vitality within our community,” says Mayor William Choy. “Their success showcases the remarkable potential for growth and positive influence that businesses can have, strengthening Stony Plain’s economy and enriching the lives of our residents—and their furry family members.”

“These recognitions celebrate businesses that not only bolster the local economy but also elevate Stony Plain’s economic profile, setting the stage for future investments,” says Economic Development Officer Michelle Levasseur. “The Town of Stony Plain acknowledges and commends the exceptional efforts of the local business community in driving progress and growth.”

Learn more about Economic Development in Stony Plain on the official website. Visit the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about the Business Awards of Distinction and view this year’s finalists.