STONY PLAIN, AB: On September 16, get to know your neighbours and care for your community by joining the Neighbours Day and Arbour Day celebration.

Each year, Neighbours Day brings residents together for a day of community building, connection, and raising awareness of the Town’s Neighbourhood Connect project. The event is joining up with the 12th Annual Arbour Day celebration in which residents can enjoy a day outdoors, planting and supporting a greener community.

Residents are also encouraged to host their own neighbourhood events to spark new connections and foster community building around Stony Plain. Online resources are available for residents looking to plan an event in their neighbourhood.

“Stony Plain is a growing community and staying connected has never been more important. The Neighbours Day and Arbour Day celebration is a time when we can come together, welcome new residents, and reconnect with long-time community members,” says Mayor William Choy. “This combined event gives residents an opportunity to grow a more resilient community, while enjoying and caring for the beautiful green spaces around them. I encourage everyone to attend!”

“Neighbours Day is about growing a stronger, more connected, and more resilient community where all residents feel safe and supported,” says Community Development Officer Deanna Butz. “What could be a better way of conveying this, than by showing care for each other as well as the environment that we live in.”

The festivities will officially start at 11AM in Oatway Park, complete with tree planting, free activities, and lunch for all attendees. If you are interested in playing a more active role in the community, stop by and register to become a Neighbourhood Connector.

To learn more and get involved, visit the Neighbours Day and Arbour Day pages.