Communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods.

Hosting a neighbourhood event is a fun and easy way to get to know your neighbours! As friendships grow, so do safe and caring communities.

This spring the Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services is launching a community project: Let’s Get Together. The project provides residents with a Neighbours Meeting Neighbours Community Event Guide to support and inspire community residents to do just that – get together!

According to Sharida Csillag, Community Development Coordinator Stony Plain Family and Community Support Services, “If community members are provided with opportunities to connect and socialize, they are more likely to develop relationships with others living in the community, leading to enhanced support networks and a greater sense of belonging to their community.”

The program will run year round and encourages neighbourhoods to be creative in their get-togethers – Snowman competitions, treasure hunts, garden tours, Backyard Theater – the possibilities are as infinite as our community’s imaginations. Let’s get together!

For more information, contact:  Sharida Csillag at Stony Plain FCSS

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