STONY PLAIN, AB: Mayor William Choy, who has held the Board Chair position of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) since September 2020 is preparing to pass the torch to Mayor Allan Gamble of Parkland County. Mayor Choy's term as Board Chair officially concludes on October 31, 2023, but he will continue to contribute to the EMRB as a Board Member once his term as Chair concludes.

The EMRB is one of two regional growth management boards mandated by the province of Alberta. The EMRB is dedicated to implementing the 30-year Growth Plan for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and promoting economic sustainability throughout the region. The Board consists of thirteen Mayors who collaborate to promote economic well-being and competitiveness while representing the unique perspectives of their local communities.

Mayor Gamble of Parkland County says, "Next month I will step into the role of Chair, and as the 'new kid' on the block, I’ll have some big shoes to fill in Mayor Choy's footsteps. Mayor Choy’s regional leadership and guidance have been invaluable. In the exciting months ahead, I'm certain I'll often ponder, 'What would Mayor Choy say?' But with the spirit of adventure and the lessons learned, I'm ready to embrace the challenge and set forth on this new journey, carrying his legacy with me."

"Mayor Choy’s unwavering commitment and visionary leadership as Chair and Vice Chair will definitely leave a permanent mark on our Board," says Karen Wichuk, CEO of the EMRB. "His collaborative spirit and dedication to shaping our Region are an inspiration to us all. While his term as Chair comes to a close, he will continue to make valuable contributions as a Board Member. Thank you, Mayor Choy, for being a true regional leader.”

Mayor Choy's involvement with the Board began in 2010. Throughout his tenure, he has taken on a wide range of responsibilities and made substantial contributions to several crucial projects. Notably, he contributed his insights and expertise to the success of the Land Use & Planning Committee. Mayor Choy also played an integral role in the task force responsible for guiding the transition from the Capitol Region Board to the EMRB, in addition to his active participation in the Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan Task Force.

Reflecting on his tenure, Mayor Choy expressed, "Serving as EMRB Chair has been a privilege. The opportunity to connect and collaborate with my fellow board members and stakeholders in pursuit of our shared regional goals has been exceptionally rewarding. As Mayor Gamble prepares to step into the role of Chair, I have full confidence that he will guide the board to further regional successes."

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