With COVID-19 continuing to impact the community, a revised budget for 2020 has been approved by Council. While a 4.26% tax increase was approved in the Corporate Plan 2020 – 2022, Administration recommended a 0% tax increase for 2020 to support the community. This adjustment to the tax increase shifts funding of 2020 items to 2021. Council accepted all the changes required to achieve a 0% tax increase; however, an amendment to last night’s motion brought forward a 1% tax increase or approximately $170,000 back into the budget. These dollars would go directly towards maintenance of Town-owned roads.

Mayor William Choy says, “We have an opportunity to continue moving forward. Adding $170,000 back into the budget for road maintenance will allow us to continue improving our community for life after the pandemic.”

Revised Budget and Strategy


Original Budget

Revised Budget


Operating Revenues








Capital Projects




To manage financial challenges, Administration is recommending a three-part strategy:

1)   Immediate and near-term cost containment and reductions (May 1 – Aug 31)

2)   Current year project reviews and deferrals (May 1 – December 31)

3)   Repositioning of 2021 – 2023 Corporate Plans and Capital Projects (May 1, 2020 – 2023)

The strategy will impact projects originally scheduled for 2020, including local transit and the municipal cemetery. Transit services, scheduled to launch in September of this year, will be postponed to January of 2021. Stony Plain’s $78,000 contribution to the Spruce Gove commuter service will not be affected by the delay. The municipal cemetery detailed design will be pushed to 2021, leaving 2022 for construction and operation launching in 2023.

“The impact of COVID-19 has significantly changed the outlook for the 2020 fiscal plan and we need to make some tough calls,” says Town Manager Tom Goulden. “The closure of facilities, reduced permit revenue, event cancellations, penalty deferrals for utility and tax, and interest expense on borrowing for cash flow have resulted in necessary budget adjustments for the remainder of the year.”

Events and Programs Update

In light of these budget changes and the public health orders in place, several events and programs have been cancelled, postponed, or will be held in an alternate format. This includes:


  • Canada Day and Citizenship Ceremony
  • Farmers’ Days
  • Summer Programs
  • Shikaoi Exchange
  • Street Markets
  • Outdoor Movie
  • Outdoor Pianos
  • Art Walk
  • Treasure Hunt


  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Tourism Marketing including Destination Guide
  • Horse and Wagon Mural Tours
  • Creating Connections – Accessible Art
  • Time Capsule Exhibit
  • Mural Conservation
  • New Mural
  • Rain Barrel Sale
  • Large Item Drop Off
  • Arbour Day


  • Jane’s Walk (Virtual tour)
  • Summer Sessions (Live online or rescheduled)
  • Poet Laureate (Online)
  • Public Art Projects (Virtual community input)
  • Indigenous People’s Youth Advisors Program (Online)

 The following Town facilities are CLOSED until further notice:

  • Town Hall
  • Glenn Hall Centennial Arena
  • Heritage Park and Downtown Community Centre
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Spray Park
  • Play structures
  • Outdoor Fitness Park
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Skatepark
  • BMX Track
  • Golf Course

Sport fields throughout the community have been deemed non-essential and minimal maintenance will be performed on these facilities to allow for quick opening if recreation restrictions are lifted. The trail system and Umbach Off-Leash Dog Park remain open to the public with physical distancing signage in place.

“It is really disappointing to not have our favourite summer events this year, but we need to prioritize community safety,” says Mayor Choy. “We are working with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services daily to follow public health orders and make adjustments when necessary.”

With the impacts of COVID-19 on the community better understood, the 2021 – 2023 Corporate Plan process will begin in May. Future projects and plans will be re-prioritized to coincide with new fiscal realities. Administration will prepare a 2020 taxation bylaw for presentation at the May 11 Council Meeting.