STONY PLAIN, AB: The Town of Stony Plain has released its 2022 Annual Report and invites residents to review the document to learn about last year’s significant milestones, exciting achievements, financial highlights, and other insights into the inner workings of the community.

Each year, Stony Plain compiles and releases a report outlining significant information for key stakeholders, which includes detailed descriptions of projects and initiatives, along with a comprehensive financial report.

“The Town strives to provide the community with the most up-to-date and relevant information possible in the spirit of transparency. This aligns with our goal of consistently involving stakeholders during our planning and development processes and educating residents about Town operations,” says Mayor William Choy.

“The Annual Report is an important document that provides residents with a detailed look at the Town’s financial operations,” says Town Manager Thomas Goulden. “It also serves as a written and visual testament to the important work undergone last year, as well as our community’s successes, achievements, and future goals.”

Some of the highlights detailed in the 2022 Annual Report include:

  • Completion of the Downtown Redevelopment Project and official opening of the new downtown core
  • Installation of new downtown banners and first interactive sculpture
  • First Walk with Elders in commemoration of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  • Announcement of new Inclusion Strategy
  • Launch of Digital Economy Program

“Stony Plain prides itself on being a champion of accurate and responsible financial reporting, which is evident by the fact the Town has been a recipient of the Canadian Award for Financial Reporting each year for the last decade,” says Manager of Financial Services Teri Stewart. “The production and release of the Annual Report allows us to educate residents on Town operations and processes and engage the community in a meaningful and important way.”

The Annual Report can be viewed on the Stony Plain website.