STONY PLAIN, AB: Stony Plain's historic Old Town South is set to receive a much-anticipated upgrade as the Town embarks on a comprehensive redevelopment project to rejuvenate its oldest communities. This redevelopment initiative, aligned with the Town's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, aims to enhance community facilities, introduce new amenities, address aging infrastructure, and celebrate the area's rich history.

Old Town South Redevelopment holds a pivotal role in the strategic vision of Stony Plain, as it embodies the Town's commitment to preserve its heritage while embracing progress. With its status as one of the oldest neighborhoods and the heart of the community for generations, Old Town South carries a profound significance for Stony Plain residents.

Mayor William Choy stated, "Stony Plain is a town cherished for its unique character and charm. Our redevelopment plan for Old Town South is deeply rooted in carrying our rich history into the future. We are committed to developing the area in a way that reflects our community's values and shared vision for the future."

Over the past 15 years, Stony Plain has experienced remarkable growth, necessitating a strategic focus on meeting the evolving needs of its residents. The Old Town South Redevelopment project, driven by a sense of community and mindful urban development, will incorporate a range of projects and initiatives to rejuvenate this beloved area while establishing it as a prominent attraction in Stony Plain.

"Building community and prioritizing resident needs remain paramount as Stony Plain continues to grow," emphasized Town Manager Tom Goulden. "The Old Town South Redevelopment project is a significant step in this direction, as it revitalizes a cherished part of our community and positions it as a key asset for Stony Plain."

In the coming months, the specific undertakings included in the comprehensive redevelopment project will be unveiled. Look out for the distinctive Old Town South branding, which will serve as a recognizable stamp on materials related to the project. The Town will keep residents informed and engaged through various communication channels, including updates and public participation opportunities shared through official Town channels and the Stony Plain website.

Stony Plain invites its residents and stakeholders to join in the exciting journey of Old Town South Redevelopment. Discover, dream, and reimagine with the Town by visiting the comprehensive web page dedicated to the project at The web page will provide detailed information, project progress updates, and a platform to subscribe to email updates.

Stony Plain is committed to fostering a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive community, and the Old Town South Redevelopment project exemplifies this dedication. By preserving its heritage and embracing forward-thinking development, Stony Plain looks forward to a revitalized Old Town South that will serve as a testament to its past, present, and future.