Updates to Land Use Bylaw Omnibus 2023, Bylaw 2671/LUO/23

A public hearing for the Land Use Bylaw was held at last night’s Council Meeting. The bylaw was also given second and third reading. The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) update is a yearly process which provides administrative changes to the LUB and may also include Strategic Plan implementation. The update has been brought forward as a new bylaw (Bylaw 2671/LUO/23), which repeals Land Use Bylaw 2654/LUO/22 to provide a clean version with the updates.

During the first reading of the Land Use Bylaw update, given at the March 13, 2023 Council Meeting, Council asked questions about the requirement of development permits for the Earthworks use. Section 1.3.2. has been updated accordingly to improve clarity on the requirement for a development permit.

The updated Land Use Bylaw will be posted to the Stony Plain website.

Learn more about the update in the agenda package on pages 7 – 287.

Council Approves Names on the New Significant Names Registry

In 2020, Administration developed a Town Naming Policy to establish a coordinated and consistent naming process and framework. On October 24, 2022, Council established the Significant Names Registry. A subsequent motion was made to approve the names specified on the preliminary list once reasonable effort was made to contact the individual or family members.

During last night’s meeting, Council approved the names on the Significant Names Registry, including new names recommended during the public engagement to confirm the original list of names.

Learn more the Significant Names Registry and the approved names in the agenda package on pages 310 – 340.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.