MLA Searle Turton Provides Update on Behalf of the Government of Alberta

MLA Searle Turton addressed Council last night, providing an update from the Provincial Government. His presentation included the status of recent capital projects and budget announcements that impact Stony Plain. Following his presentation Council took the opportunity to engage with questions to the MLA on a number of key issues and topics of importance to the community.

Learn more about the update in the agenda package on page 6.

Presentation Given on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Administration provided Council with an update on the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) work being conducted, and the strategy being deployed with existing resources.

CPTED utilizes four key principles to impact human behavior and the safety of the use of community spaces with public access. These include Natural Access Control, Natural Surveillance, Territoriality, and Maintenance.

In 2020, Enforcement Services initiated a CPTED review of one Town owned property per year, with a goal of improving the public use of community spaces, improve safety and proactively reduce complaints. To date the skatepark, outdoor pool, and transit stops (initial fixed route) have been completed, and the recycle center is currently being reviewed.

Learn more about the presentation in the agenda package on pages 14 – 29.


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