Council Updates Policies to Strengthen Fiscal Sustainability

An updated Debt Management policy and Cash Management and Investment policy were approved by Council at last night’s meeting. The first draft of the financial policies were presented last week at the July 6 Meeting as part of Council’s strategic priority to strengthen fiscal sustainability. Revisions put forward by Council including a lower debt limit at 80% of the Provincial debt limit have been added. The updated policies will be available on the Town website.

Find the Debt Management Policy on pages 30 – 45 and learn more about Cash Management and Investment on pages 47 – 59 in the agenda package.

Town Office Prepares for Reopening with Protective Barriers

With relaunch efforts in progress, Stony Plain Town Office is looking to reopen safely with the addition of protective barriers at all public counters. The estimated cost of the barriers for both the first and second floor counters comes in at $50,000. Council has approved for funds to be transferred from the Town Office Building Reserve to cover the costs of installation.

Read more about the addition of protective barriers at Town Office in the agenda package on pages 61 – 64.

South Park Drive Extension Update

Council received an update on the South Park Drive Extension and Development of Town Land project last night. Back in 2018, Council received a report on the potential for development of Town-owned land near the Westview Hospital. The project would create alternative entries and exits for nearby residential areas and potentially allow for future expansion of the hospital.

A preliminary engineering and environmental assessment of the project was undertaken in 2019 and the roadway extension is currently being considered in the Corporate Plan for design in 2023 and construction in 2024. The road upgrade has been estimated to cost a total of $3.03 million which includes the connecting road into Silverstone. Once developed, the serviced land is estimated to be valued at $2 – 3 million.

At this time, Administration is not recommending the development of the southern lot and recognizes the value of the green space to the community. Development of the northern lot is being recommended with the inclusion of a green belt and trail system connecting to the existing Silverstone Crescent trail. The construction of the greenbelt and trail is estimated to cost $100,000.

Find more information about the South Park Drive Extension in the agenda package on pages 66 – 81.

Council Approves Application for Asset Management Grant

Council has given Administration the go-ahead to put forward an application to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Asset Management Grant. If received, the grant would bring in $40,000 to be used for software upgrades, equipment rentals, staff training, and the addition of an Engineering Coop student position.

Read more about the FCM Asset Management Grant on pages 83 – 86 of the agenda.

Golf Course Swings into Summer Season

The Stony Plain Golf Course continues to aim for the green with adjusted operations in response to COVID-19. The course is operating at a reduced service level with a number of safety regulations in place to ensure staff and player safety. With summer now in full swing, the course remains a popular activity for resident golfers. The month of June saw 6602 rounds played compared to 2019’s June activity of 4700. The Stony Plain Golf Course will provide more operational updates to Council in the fall.   

Learn more about the Stony Plain Golf Course operational report in the agenda package from pages 88 – 92.

Administration Works on Facilities Relaunch Plan as Province Moves Forward

COVID-19 has resulted in a number of adjustments to and closures of public facilities in town. As the Government of Alberta continues forward with the provincial Relaunch Strategy, Administration is actively working to understand regulations and respond to guidelines accordingly.

The second stage of the Town’s reopening saw sport fields, the Glenn Hall Arena, the Community Centre, Heritage Park, and the Rotary Splash Park open with restrictions in place. While the opening of swimming pools was included in the provincial Phase 2 strategy, Administration has determined opening the Stony Plain Outdoor Pool is not feasible this year due to the financial impacts of a shortened season.

Administration is currently finalizing a relaunch plan for municipal services that will guide a smooth transition to more normal operation. Town Office is projected to be reopened on August 31 with guidelines in place to safeguard staff and residents. More details on the relaunch plan will be available in the weeks ahead.

Read up on the Public Facilities update on pages 94 – 98 of the agenda package.

Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan Q2 Reports Presented to Council

Council was presented with the Strategic Plan and Corporate Plan Q2 2020 Report during last night’s meeting. Quarterly reports are published throughout the year to monitor development and provide updates on ongoing work plans and projects. The Q3 update will be presented to Council come October.

Find more Q2 highlights in the agenda package from pages 100 – 121.

Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19 – Social Stream Wraps up with Final Report

The Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19 – Social Stream met for the last time on July 6 to approve a final report. Alongside community partners, the Task Force has been involved in a number of initiatives around Stony Plain including the Signs of Hope campaign trending on Town media accounts with the hashtag #StonyPlainTogether and the Farmers’ Days virtual celebration. While the Task Force has reached its end, the committee encourages Council to continue virtual events and work related to improving inclusivity and supporting social and mental wellness in Stony Plain.

Learn more about the Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19 – Social Stream in the agenda package from pages 123 – 148.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.