Updates to The Brickyard at Old Town Area Structure Plan and Land Use Bylaw Move Ahead

Following public hearings, second and third readings were given to update The Brickyard at Old Town Area Structure Plan (ASP) and amend the Land Use Bylaw District Map.

First reading was given to both the update and amendment as well as public hearing dates set at the May 9 Council Meeting. The update will facilitate the extension of Brickyard Drive and residential development. The amendment further works to focus density around collector roadways and future amenities as well as provide additional park and open space.

The updated ASP and Land Use Bylaw will be available on the Stony Plain website.

Learn more about the public hearings and readings in the agenda package on pages 7 – 61 and 144 – 153.

North Business Park Lift Station Project Sees Budget Increase

A revised budget for a new lift station for North Business Park has been approved. Council approved the detailed design for a new station in 2021 and the project was identified in the Corporate Plan 2022-2024.

The final tender for the project has been calculated at $2,595,459. The increased budget is influenced by various factors including the installation of new technology, addition of a dedicated road to the station and fencing around the site, and an increase in costs due to inflation.

Council has given first reading to authorize debenture borrowing of $1,826,000 for construction. The debenture bylaw will be advertised in compliance with Municipal Government Act (MGA) requirements. Second and third reading will be presented to Council on July 11, 2022.

Find more information in the agenda package on pages 155 – 170.

Council Extends Term for Town’s External Auditor

Council has extended the term for the Town’s external auditor for an additional three years. The auditor performs independent audits for the Town and delivers an annual report to Council on the financial statements and the financial information return of the municipality.

Find more information in the agenda package on pages 173 – 175.

Stony Plain’s Housing Strategy Considers Latest Census Data

An update on Stony Plain’s Housing Strategy was presented to Council. The Town of Stony Plain Housing Strategy identifies housing needs and outlines goals for supporting the development of affordable and diverse housing types. The strategy was accepted by Council in January of 2022.

As new federal census data is released, Administration anticipates housing needs to shift. A comprehensive review and update of the Housing Strategy will be considered in the 2023 Corporate Plan to ensure the most up to date data is captured in the strategy.

Learn more about the Housing Strategy in the agenda package on pages 176 – 203.

Please note: This is not the official Town of Stony Plain council meeting minutes. Please refer to Agendas and Minutes for all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by Town Council.